How can you tell a man’s lay Count Right off the bat (the Devil is in the Details)

I came across a series of interesting YouTube videos of a couple of gals building a rapport with a selected group of men and rating how many women they think those men have hit the sack with based on a minute-to-two presentation.

I know that is quite a short time frame to judge someone’s body count, but unfortunately, that is how women feel you out based on the initial approach; it is said she knows subconsciously within a few seconds whether you are good with women or not. This is based on your vibe, confidence, sexual confidence, how you walk, voice etc. and interestingly the ladies from this video would ask those guys things like “what’s your sexiest voice” and they mentioned a little nonverbal cues that made them rank those guys based on sexual attractiveness.

According to research, the average man sleeps with seven women in his entire life. And when you watch that video, you see the women ranking some of those men pretty low even though they eventually revealed their lay count as high. And they also rank a few of those men pretty high in lay count, even though they have a low lay count.

It is all in the presentation of these men. When you look at the guy with glasses who has a 200-plus lay count, he was pretty confident and oozed a lot of charisma. When the lady asks him if 7 inches is enough, he answers like an experienced man, you can tell he is very comfortable around women and anything sexual. He communicates with ease. The lady had initially ranked him 33.

He asks the lady why she ranked him 33, and the lady tells him that he reminds her of her player male friend the way he came on. He projects sexual energy.

When you compare the 200 notch count player’s presentation with that of the tall fat guy with a blazer who had a lay count of 33 but the gal in video ranked him at 12 because of his nervousness and how he answered the challenges, you can see a clear difference in how they handle social challenges. When the lady says he seems shy, the guy replies, “I am not shy,” and he goes ahead to prove he is not shy by saying some overly bold things in an uncalibrated way. 

There is a clear distinction between the two men on who gets more action. The lady tells him that he is nervous, and in return, he has made her nervous; that is so on point. Emotions are contiguous; what you feel around someone is sometimes what they feel. He is not making the lady nervous in an exciting way; he is creeping her out. A sexy guy who is irresistible can also make a woman nervous but in a sexually stimulating way. He also said he mostly has sex in relationships, which limits one lay count definitely.

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Embrace your sexuality to pile up notches!

Even the Chinese guy with a red cap says such kinds of things. He believes having a high lay count says something terrible about someone, whether male or female. And that tells you his views on sexuality are wrong; his mindset on sex is flawed. A high lay count might mean you have a high libido sometimes, or you are just driven to mate with more people and get experience. The lay count doesn’t matter in men; of course, maybe in women, it does.

The guy with a zero lay count who is into poetry and arts is definitely a virgin, he probably never approaches women based on his non-verbals. I love poetry and art, but they only make you too much of a bleeding heart. Women don’t like such sensitive men instead that guy can listen to rap music instead of poems. Hip hop will make him tough and a little bit arrogant. The gal in that video pities him, tells him how he is such a nice guy, and hopes he gets some gal soon but trust me, that gal wouldn’t date that guy unless she wants to teach him a few things. Experienced women like dating inexperienced men at times to show them the ropes.

One funny takeaway from this video is how different sexes look at sexuality so differently. The white chic who is a stripper and confesses to have shot porn says she doesn’t consider the men she shagged in porn as part of her lay count, she thus sticks to the men she slept with as partners to make it into her list. She puts her count at 3.

There are those men women sleep with but “don’t count” because in their psychology, don’t matter. Compare her to the man with 200 plus lay count who says he visits brothels and orgies and counts those women he shagged there as part of his lay count. To him everything he has shagged matters.

How can you tell a man’s lay count straight off the bat? Well, most women don’t care; they don’t even ask because it mostly doesn’t matter in men. When you ask a woman her lay count, she will tell you “that is not something you ask a woman,” because it is very sensitive and rude to inquire. What is considered sensitive or emotive to a woman or anyone is something that probably bothers them.

All those guys can consider visiting a stylist and hitting the gym. Their fundamentals need desperate attention.

Anyway, it is an exciting video to come across.

By Slade Jeff

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