Three Times Rule

Okay, this is a simple interesting rule, it simply means that if you do it three times well, you ain’t playing around, you know what you are doing; the three times rule simply looks like this; If you do it once, maybe you got lucky. If you do it twice, damn you know what you… Continue reading Three Times Rule


From my pen to your paper, or laptop or smartphone screen, I help you find the right words to sell whatever you want to, even if you want to sell yourself to other people, I am the writing salesman. Do you know the good thing about having a ghostwriter? They don’t care about credit. We… Continue reading Ghostwriter

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Be a Strong Man

If there is one thing a man wants to be is strong. That’s why they go to the gym, lift heavy objects, and try to fight intruders so that they can remain strong and not be seen as weaklings. However, a strength of character is what defines a man. And strength does not mean lifting… Continue reading Be a Strong Man

7 Signs of Trust Issues

“Just trust me” is always a statement from many men who wants something. When I think of trust issues, I bet any wise person won’t just trust anyone right off the bat. In fact, it is very much allowed not to trust a new person; I mean you don’t know that person from nowhere.  If… Continue reading 7 Signs of Trust Issues

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The Prodigal son

I have been looking at some hilarious bible stories for the past few months and incorporating them into some of my articles. There are great lessons in religion if you keenly follow some of their teachings. I am not a religious man but I read the bible and listen to sermons by various religious leaders… Continue reading The Prodigal son

Putting your shit Together

There is no fun when shit is together, everyone wants to put their shit together and it’s great when you can just chill back and don’t have to worry about money. A young guy in our group of friends claimed to envy us guys in our late 20s because according to him we have our… Continue reading Putting your shit Together

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