Nitakupeleka Nairobi

Yes, we gather here to talk about zilizopendwa za kukatiana. Our fathers and ancestors pulled these lines and they worked just well, you see seduction is something that can change because of times. The principles of making a girl weak on the knee are the same but the delivery has changed. In fact they say… Continue reading Nitakupeleka Nairobi

My muscles story

Since every website I check out has an Ad on a muscle story, let me take you through mine, follow through. I remember walking into a gym at the age of 18, I wanted to get fit so that I could join the military. At that time, I thought I had the height but lacked… Continue reading My muscles story

This or That?

After 4 months of blogging, churning out dope articles left, right and center, I finally found myself on a creative slowdown. But I still have to say something, I have a problem with shutting up. If you can shut me up then you are a god, of which I see none. So let’s play this… Continue reading This or That?

That Office Flirt??

“You are punctual and your work ethics are impeccable but as you’ve noticed most of our clients are females and that might compromise your service delivery….so I am letting you go” Am I thinking out loud? naahh. Am I even tripping? nope I don’t. Did that happen? Yes that shit happened back in 2016 to… Continue reading That Office Flirt??

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