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After 4 months of blogging, churning out dope articles left, right and center, I finally found myself on a creative slowdown. But I still have to say something, I have a problem with shutting up. If you can shut me up then you are a god, of which I see none. So let’s play this or that in the city.

Ngong Road or Westy

Well, it is a battle between Ngong Road and Westy when it comes to partying and living that life. Ngong Road boasts of a nice environment and cool spots whereas westy boasts of dope clubs, popularity with the boujees etc. I would say Ngong Road anytime. I like that part of town. You can watch a rugby game at Impala, have lunch at greenhouse, shop at Toi Market etc. Westy is more crazy if you ask me.

Gor Mahia or AFC

I was in town yesterday and I suppose there was a match because I saw Gor fans making rounds with a bus in cbd and making noise all over. At some point I smelled tear gas. It is the easiest way to make grown men ‘cry’. I am not a football fan but I heard Gor has a winning streak. And what is it with them surrounding that Tom Mboya Statue? On the other hand Ingwe fans claim to have a more responsible fan base and better sportsmanship spirit than Gor. Gor seem to have a problem with accepting defeat. I would say supporting a team goes beyond being concerned with their winnings. It is the team with a great tradition and culture that is worth backing up. I don’t know which team among those has a great tradition like Manu or Liverpool.

Netflix or Cinema

What’s your best chill out partners? It was cinema for a long term. In the days of yore, guys couldn’t wait to watch the latest wakanda on 3D. I believe cinema was adored because of the big screens. However, with the growth in technology, Netflix came along and changed a lot. Now you can access all the series, shows and movies from the comfort of your home. The good thing with Netflix is that it has options. It allows you to watch whatever you want. You can’t be bored when you have many choices as opposed to cinema. You can go to a cinema to watch a movie that turns out to be boring. So, I would give it up to Netflix as the perfect hangout buddy.

Premier league or Spanish league

Football again. Eish, this sport is like a religion with faithful followers. I won’t compare Manu with Arsenal. That will not give us a broad view. I will compare the game in England with that in Spain. It is said that football started in England, I don’t know how true that is. But the streets says English Premier League is famous because of great marketing as opposed to Spanish league where the real game is played. To back up that argument, guys claim that premier league teams are no match to Spanish teams when they are playing in champions league. I agree somehow, I have seen premier league teams suffer when they face Spanish teams. But the game is supposed to be entertaining as opposed to just scoring and earning points. I will leave you to judge which league is entertaining. Is it premier or Spanish?

Light skin or Melanin

Well, this is a good one. Light skin shines bright and is easily noticeable. Plus some colours look good on a light skin. However, black doesn’t crack and come in many shades. There is black like a Sudanese, dark like a tarmac road, dark like chocolate. There is that black American kind of. I can’t choose on this one. I just can’t make up my mind when it comes to these two. I just like variety. Because variety is the spice of life.

Freelance or 8 to 5

Okay, we know hustle is real in the 254 and thus we have lots of folks in the freelance category, especially college grads. On the other hand, we have guys who choose the corporate way. Freelancers brag of freedom whereas corporate guys boast of security. A corporate dude doesn’t have to worry about health cover and is sure of getting rent at the end of the month. A freelancer can party every day and doesn’t have to worry about being late at work or reporting to anyone. I have lived both lives and I give it up to freelancing. But corporate life is also great if you like your job. We can’t all be doing the same thing…variety again…ama niaje?


Well trap trap trap everywhere in the mat, clubs etc. I like trap but my love for poetry and lyrical ability just makes me a rap fan. The game is always changing and I must say trap guys have pushed it to the next level. Trap songs in Youtube has over 300 million views and above while rap songs have 80 million or so? Trap has a sound that blends well with the youth whereas rap is more real with punchlines for days. I can’t compare bad and boujee with C.R.E.A.M. If I want to stir up a club I will play bad n boujee but if I want to just chill at my place on a Saturday afternoon with my legs on the table and a glass in one hand as I reminisce, I will play C.R.E.A.M.

Good boys or Badboys

Huh, this is not even a comparison. It is a reminder that it is a bad man’s world. Bad guys have their way all the time. It is said that ‘bad guys’ don’t play by the rules and that is what makes them bad. The only way to win is if you can play to win and that means going against the rules at times. The word ‘bad’ means good in this era and that automatically tells you to be ‘bad’ if you want a win. Am I a bad boy? Nope, I am very nice. Do I get what I want? Most of the time. Good guys on the other hand are good for humanity. They love the human race and hope to leave the world a better place than they found it. We need them too.

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