How a man is made

According to those videos on social media showing how people are made based on race, profession, tribe, etc, you can be composed of many things. And men are a different species just created by carefully selecting attributes in the right proportions so to make a complete man. In the Italian mafia, you become a made… Continue reading How a man is made

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Rituals for high performance

I don’t like the word ‘rituals’. It has some weird meaning in Africa. However, among athletes, artists and musicians, rituals mean pre-game activities that help in boosting performance in field or stage. Or just lifestyle tweaks for maximum output at work. Some of them are truly funny like avoiding certain words, or days. It is… Continue reading Rituals for high performance

Lessons from NatGeo

For a long time, I struggled with finding a good show to watch until I came across NatGeo. It is not just entertaining but also very informative. For a while, I have been a fan of this animalistic show. Watching different characters in the jungle trying to survive is interesting. Survival seems to be the… Continue reading Lessons from NatGeo

Tik Tok

That video app with more challenges than corona, whenever I see a video shared on tik tok going viral, I just say to myself in Dj Khaled’s voice “another one”. Tik Tok is like a time bomb for viral videos that are just about to drop. I like writing about apps, and this Chinese-made app… Continue reading Tik Tok

Get your friend drunk

You want to know that son of a woman? Give him whisky, alcohol will make him go loose and let out all the bullshit he is holding back. This is for those struggling to know their friends. Just give him sweet liquor and he will show you all his nonsense. They say if you want… Continue reading Get your friend drunk

Men and compliments

Men give out tons of compliments, but they can’t seem to take it. They just don’t know what to do with a compliment. Men are not used to being complimented, especially when they are still alive. Most men get compliments when they are dead…”oooh, David was quite a strong guy, rip tough guy”. But when… Continue reading Men and compliments

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