69 Was Just a Good Number

I blame Tekashi for giving 69 a bad name. Do you know how many brands are related to 69? He destroyed that number. 69 is like 23. Michael Jordan wore 23 and LeBron wear 23. They made that number legendary. VAT is 69, and one of the most favorite positions to be in a relationship… Continue reading 69 Was Just a Good Number

How to take an L

There will always be losses and wins in this life. Even the best team in football doesn’t always win the champions league or super bowl. You can minimize losses in your life but if you are supporting these teams, they disappoint at one point or another. Don’t bet on them if you don’t like losing,… Continue reading How to take an L

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The Easiest Money Ever Made

It is common for hustlers to look at other peoples’ jobs and feel like they are making easy money. When you see a Dj playing music and getting paid, you feel like the guy is having fun and raking in bucks. They are just rocking the show and smiling at girls and making lots of… Continue reading The Easiest Money Ever Made

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Irresponsible Bachelor

Every time you tell someone you are single, all they can say is “you fear responsibility”. Well, that’s true to some extent, when you get a girlfriend, she becomes a small responsibility, when you marry her, she becomes a bigger responsibility and when you give her babies, now that’s an expense, not even a responsibility.… Continue reading Irresponsible Bachelor

Your IQ is Okay

IQ is usually a very sensitive topic and when someone tries to tell you shallow things with the hope that you will swallow those things, you get very angry because he is insulting your intelligence. You don’t just rag on people’s thinking capacity, it is annoying. Even by saying your IQ is okay in that… Continue reading Your IQ is Okay


Looking deep inside you is a difficult thing for many people. That’s like looking at yourself in the mirror, not many people do it yet it’s a powerful tool for motivating yourself. And you can’t blame people, I mean many people are scared of themselves, or even ashamed at times of how tainted their soul… Continue reading Soul-searching

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