Short man Syndrome (Height is Just a Number)

It is also known as the ‘Napoleon complex’. It is a belief that short men make up for the lack of height by being extra-assertive in life. Well, the short men in my life are very successful but quick to anger also. They say heightism is real but women like them short men, I mean women treat them like babies.

On the other hand, this syndrome seems unreal because Napoleon himself was not as short as we have been made to believe. The guy was around 5’6 which is an okay height. And to make up for his lack of height he was a very confident ruler who seduced some of the most beautiful women of those days and conquered territories. He married Marie Louise, a woman who had been raised in royalty and taught to despise French men like Napoleon. The guy was indeed a conqueror.

However, I am not here to talk about Napoleon and his women. It is all about our short brothers. As for me, I am a very tall dude if you have ever met me. How tall am I? I can’t fit my bed properly. Even my blanket doesn’t cover me well…my feet are usually left out.

My parents are not tall but I have tall uncles who bend at the door when they are entering a house. That’s how tall they are.

These short men feel like they have to prove themselves, even my female friends who are petite in size are aggressive as hell, they can easily hit you.

You see tall men make the cut for most things; military, basketball team selection, and gene selection. Now, short guys have to work around the height bias to get into these heights dominated jobs. And to overcome heightism, they will do all kinds of things, learn to be confident, be more aggressive, and just even fight like Napoleon.

In all the bad relationships I have had with men, the common factor is that the men were short. I suspect they felt intimidated by my height.

It is said that Meghan thee’s boyfriend Tory Lanez who is short in stature shot her on the foot because of short man syndrome. Well, Meghan is almost 6 feet but I don’t think that’s the reason for the tussle they went through. It is not even clear if she was shot on the foot as the tabloids reported. It will be sad if heightism made that boyfriend angry and turned him into a lady shooter. I don’t want to talk about people’s affairs.

You see Lil Wayne, 2pac, Nas, are short in height but these are some of the most successful musicians of this century. You don’t need height as such; most tall men tend to be skinny. When you are short you can easily put on muscles and become intimidating. Short guys are also highly confident, more confident than many tall men I know. I am pretty confident though…

Let me tell you another disadvantage of being tall, you welcome a lot of opponents. Tallness makes you imposing and if you look intimidating, that brings out the protective instincts in people. Many people become guarded around you. If you are tall and you have muscles, that’s now a triple threat.

Don’t ever feel bad for being a short man, there are a lot of disadvantages to being a tall man. Another one is that you have to work out a lot lest you look funny. I have been lifting weights for years just to pack some meat on my bones. I look pretty good at the moment, I should be around 76kgs.

To get there, I had to sweat a lot.

When you are tall you lack balance, it has something to do with your center of gravity. You got to work on your balance. That’s why tall men have a problem being great dancers.

The best dancers are probably short, just observe and you will notice. Only Chris Brown is a tall dancer.

Ladies like tall men but some are into short men. Don’t think your height is a problem in the dating scene. It is not. Rebellious women and ladies who like being motherly prefer short men. They like men who can look up to them.

There is a stereotype that the shorter the monkey, the longer the tail. Well, I am not into men so I won’t tell for sure but that might be a reason for some ladies to like midgets. Remember, many women believe stereotypes…lol.

I am not trolling short men here. I have a few of these guys around me.

Kenyan men are tiny. They are small-bodied too. I can just tell when I walk into a building that a certain guy is not Kenyan. And I am never wrong. Most big guys around are west Africans and Europeans.

The majority of men here are short or being a tall guy I might be seeing it differently. You see, if I am shy of 6’0 and whenever I am in a room I don’t see anybody else taller than me, it means the people in that country are short. Because 6’0 is not very tall, it is the beginning of tall.

My chromosome biologically is tall like this (Tt) not like this (TT) if I can even remember that high school bio at all. It’s been years. If you were good at it, just remind me.

I was very keen on my genetics and reproduction lessons because I came out tall from short parents. I wanted to know how that came about.

There is hope for short men in all these, get a tall woman to bear your children. But don’t be shocked that even with a short lady you will still get tall kids.

I don’t think science has addressed everything when it comes to height. Jason Momoa is quite a tall and built guy but he once said in an interview that his parents are pretty short.

There are talented short men, and there are gifted tall men. Height is an advantage in some situations, and not in many others. Like Age, height is just a number.

Nice weekend!

By Slade Jeff

I am a zen, I love this life plus a lot of wine..I will keep your days filled with interesting content. I am also pro-brands, I tell stories about them at a fair price, let me put in a good word for you. Contact me through for business.

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