69 Was Just a Good Number

I blame Tekashi for giving 69 a bad name. Do you know how many brands are related to 69? He destroyed that number. 69 is like 23. Michael Jordan wore 23 and LeBron wear 23. They made that number legendary. VAT is 69, and one of the most favorite positions to be in a relationship is 69.

But since the day Tekashi turned on his friends, he disrespected that number and gave it a bad vibe. I like 69 but not anything to do with a Tekashi kind of behavior.

There are those numbers that are good to have on your back. You see the way Octopizzo claims number 8. He loves his hood so much that he has to mention it in every song.

You can also claim a number, let’s say number 7. And that can be your motivation; you might want a 7 figure bank account. You don’t want a low number of course.

These numbers don’t lie as they say. It is not by accident that VAT became 69, and it is not a mystery that ladies want an 8 figure shape.

Numbers represent your position on something. My email has the number 4 on it; it specifies me from other users with the same name as mine. If you don’t put that four when sending me an email, your email will end up in somebody’s spam account. It will be like those stray messages you receive on your phone and you don’t know where they are from.

69 was a number so pure, and I believe it is still a good number. I don’t want Tekashi to kill that number. I am a fan of many brands that come bearing that number.

Tekashi’s music is good, okay he is okay. Many major artists have worked with him since his release from jail. I didn’t expect that to happen. My friends told me he will just be okay.

And off from Tekashi, I don’t want to give him so much free airtime. What’s your favorite number? Pick any, you want to be number one in everything you do but let’s be realistic, no one is first all the time.

If you pick an unlucky number like 13, it can jinx your days on this rock. Did you know that 13 is considered a bad luck figure, I hear even airlines don’t put anything on that number.

I am not a superstitious person but I hear if you claim some things they can mess up everything for you. Another bad number is zero, it means nothing. Zero is close to negative, and who wants anything to do with negativity.

If you are in ground zero, it is not a good standing point. One of George Bush’s finest speeches was delivered at ground zero.

The only good thing with zero is that it gave mathematics more meaning. In the history of math, zero wasn’t there in the beginning. They had 1 to 9, and then some brilliant mathematicians introduced zero and mathematics just went onto another level. It changed how numbers look.

Look at it like this, if you have zero only, it is just nothing, the starting point. People always say they started from zero. But if you have a number like 7 and many zeros next to it, it becomes one solid figure.

People don’t want zero but they want their check to have a lot of zeros on it. It is a weirdly interesting number.

My favorite number is 7, I like odd numbers considering that I am a writer. Psychologically if you want an article to do better when writing, chose an odd number when listing items i.e say ‘5 ways to be more productive’ not 2 or 6.

However, the main reason I like 7 is because of James Bond movies, he was always double 07. You see the importance of zero again. If Bond was just called seven it would be boring but when you say that ‘double 0’ then add seven, it makes some sense. It gives it some flavor.

I know women like nine, I don’t want to go into details on why they like 9 but I guess you know. Men like 7 as I have said, when she on that seven, she is expecting a nine.

I don’t want to sound all perverted here. It is just one of those articles that can take any angle.

I don’t know which number you chose but numbers give you order and something to work with, let’s say you are at 80kgs, you might want to get to 70kgs or even 69kgs.

Whichever goal you have, it is okay to work with numbers, they give you more reality of the situation you are handling. If you were at 8 and now you are on 10, it means you are progressing. Numbers work, I don’t know why 69 chose to give that number a bad vibe.

I am more into words but I use numbers to analyze my traffic, how much you share, how many views you give etc. And the numbers have been good over the years, just continue doing it.

Are you into 69? It’s okay I won’t judge you for that. I also like seven…     .

By Slade Jeff

I am a zen, I love this life plus a lot of wine..I will keep your days filled with interesting content. I am also pro-brands, I tell stories about them at a fair price, let me put in a good word for you. Contact me through japhethsylvester1@gmail.com for business.

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