Don’t Judge Men who Don’t Drink

My female friends who like whisky tell me they can’t be drinking and a man is not drinking. In fact, there is a stereotype that men who don’t drink are hiding something. “A good man is one who drinks”, the street says so. Well, don’t judge men who don’t drink, they have their reasons.

Drinking is a man’s thing and thus it is considered very manly to love booze so I would understand where my lady friends are coming from. However, unlike most men I like wine and cocktails, and many men have pointed out to me blankly that those are not manly drinks.

When I was not drinking anything, they would tell me to at least drink something, and I gave it a try. I became a social drinker, now they are telling me to upgrade to hard liquor (whisky and vodka). Well, one I work out a lot and whisky is not good for my fitness goals. And second, I have a sweet tooth that’s why I settled for wine and cocktails. They taste better than liquor. Most alcoholic drinks are tasteless unless you are used to them.

And the third reason for not binge drinking is that it is not the only way to have fun. Since lockdown guys have been saying they miss the fun they had before all this. Well, drinking is just one way of having fun.

Do you think guys who don’t drink have no fun? They do in other ways. Binge drinkers view non-drinkers as boring people who kill the buzz.

Well, the guys who don’t drink view liquor lovers as weird especially when they get high. There is nothing attractive about drinkers once they are drunk. If you can handle your drink that’s cool, you are a responsibly cool drinker.

However, the truth is that most guys don’t know their limit. I won’t go deep into that because it’s not the theme today; I am checking guys who think bros who don’t love Jack are bland. Alcohol is funny, you can try it, and it doesn’t hook you or you can try it once and love the feeling.

It is just like with most things in life; however some men never got to love the drink. I personally, as much as I would love a glass of wine, I will still choose orange juice over it any time. Wine or whisky is something I can do occasionally.

Some guys won’t drink at any circumstance; they just don’t do it because they don’t like it. I don’t know who told them alcohol is a bad thing. Compared to cigarettes, weed and coke, alcohol is better. Wine is healthier.

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The other reason you shouldn’t judge men who don’t like alcohol is because drinking is very expensive. Very few men can afford drinking. I have been around guys who have money and enjoy drinking but even those fears the cost of alcohol. They have to sometime contribute to afford a decent bottle.

If you have to do a fundraising to afford a bottle of whisky, that’s a sign you are not yet of drinking age. Just do your normal tea in the house instead of digging deeper into your pockets to drink. It is even worse when you have to take a mobile loan to afford drinking.

I once wrote an Ad where guys took a loan for buying drinks, and they gave me a lot of trouble when I presented that idea. I came across like a very irresponsible person with that idea. Well, people do it so I was just reflecting what happens sometimes. Don’t blame me.

When you go out just know you can afford whatever you are drinking. And the guys who say no to liquor because of the cost are very realistic. I wish we could all be that honest when it comes to our lifestyles.

Drinking is a lifestyle like any other that once you get into; you should be able to afford it. Don’t start drinking because people do it and yet your pockets are dry. It is like using Uber; my friends were telling me that if someone wants to use Uber and they can afford it with no issue, it is just okay for them.

We live differently, for some men a bottle of whisky is nothing but for others, they would rather buy cooking flour or send the money to their relatives in the village.

However, even if you can afford those overpriced services right now, be careful with it because in the long run, it can take a hit on your account. It is so darn expensive living in a capitalist world. Smart shopping is also a good investment. You can buy Guarana cheaply from your local liquor store and chill with it at home. You don’t drink much when drinking from home.

The men who don’t drink might be tea teetotalers; yeah tea is still a drink. You can drink it and have fun instead of alcohol. Good feelings can be interchanged. When you feel like blowing some money on liquor just for fun, try inviting your friends to your place for a tea party. You will still end up having fun.

And last is something that I have touched on before, men who don’t drink alcohol might be health freaks who wouldn’t dare touch nothing else apart from juice and coffee. If you are trying to build muscles or cut off belly fat, then whisky and beer will not be a part of your diet. You can still incorporate some beer into your workout but you will reduce alcohol consumption drastically when trying to get fit.

 A man who doesn’t drink is not uptight. There can be many factors starting with health reasons, spend stopping or just a lack of desire in the nightlife scene. The problem is that we see people partying and drinking whisky in television and we think it is the only way we can enjoy ourselves but that’s not true. You can try a tea party next time, or just a cookout. Food parties in your backyard are better than beer parties (tongue in cheek).

Yes, I enjoy an occasional drink with a friend just like any wild hearted male but I also do tea with my bros who don’t whisky!

Nice week ahead!

By Slade Jeff

I am a zen, I love this life plus a lot of wine..I will keep your days filled with interesting content. I am also pro-brands, I tell stories about them at a fair price, let me put in a good word for you. Contact me through for business.

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