Looking deep inside you is a difficult thing for many people. That’s like looking at yourself in the mirror, not many people do it yet it’s a powerful tool for motivating yourself. And you can’t blame people, I mean many people are scared of themselves, or even ashamed at times of how tainted their soul has become. It is okay to go for some soul-searching if you are a lost soul.

Introspection is powerful thing and only the sincerest, genuinely strong individuals are able to look inside and try to have a better relationship with themselves. It is one way of maintaining a good relationship with yourself. And the self is everything.

If you have a bad relationship with yourself, you will reflect that on those around you. Most people who project themselves on others most likely have a poor relationship with themselves. They do a lot of gaslighting.

And it is not hard carrying out some soul-searching, learn to listen to yourself, talk to yourself even. And be honest with yourself. It is one of the most difficult things for people to do. Not many people are honest with themselves, if you can’t be honest with other people at least try being real to yourself.

Don’t play yourself when you are self-searching. There is a lot of information you can dig out during self-discovery. Don’t be shocked by what you pull out from you as you open yourself. It is always good when you discover things you didn’t know about yourself.

Most people are not aware of themselves, they think they do but your subconscious is something you are usually not much in control of, you are running on autopilot most of the time.

And I am all here talking about looking inwards without even giving you the tools to do that; start by listening to yourself, what is your mind telling you. How does your body react to things, what are you allergic to? You can even look at your past actions and decisions. Your fears, motivations, and sources of inspiration can all help you know yourself better.

You can also meditate as I have always advised you.

Embracing oneself is quite a daunting task. You can fear yourself at times. Don’t be scared of you, look at your own reflection in the mirror and smile. Look deep into your eyes, the eyes are still the windows to the soul.

Fold your arms and self soothe yourself when it’s cold. Give yourself a tight hug.

You can even go on a trip out of the city just alone. The craziest stories I have ever heard are of people driving out of town to no specific place in mind, it is okay, the car will lead you to wherever you want. Trust the car.

You can always take a vacation and just relax your mind while on it. Do you know how to look for inspiration for a song or a book you need to be written? You usually travel to someplace far away from the city hustles.

Don’t forget to switch off your phone and even laptop while on some soul searching, put your phone on ‘do not disturb’ mode. You need as little distraction as you can have.

Soul-searching is different from meditation; with the latter you can just do it once every day. However, with the former, you are always introspecting and monitoring yourself over a long haul. 

The other difference between soul-searching and meditation is that meditation is more of a mindset thing; it gives you peace of mind if done right. However, soul searching is concerned with the heart. The hearts of men can be troubled at times.

Your heart can easily turn cold if you are not careful. Before it gets cold and you turn blue, you can do some inner reflection and address what is bothering you. Are you sinning a lot? Are you getting envious? Do you feel stagnant in life? All these can make your soul numb.

So when you finally find yourself through soul-searching, thank God. It’s like you were a lost soul that saved himself. You managed to singlehandedly pull yourself out of sadness and low energy.

Have you traded your soul for money? Go get back your soul, a typical preacher will say.

It is good when you redeem yourself. Knowing yourself is a good thing, but finding yourself is a deep wonderful feeling that cannot be underestimated. Damn, I sound like those motivational speakers on YouTube.

Do you feel lost on life’s journey? Well, the way is not that complicated. Think about your fears, they might not be real, look into your motives, and calm your storms. Cast out your demons and you will be a free soul not trapped by gloom, sorrow and sadness. That’s a scripture from the comedy blog.

I talk about everything here; the girls, the hustle, the mind, and the people. However, the soul is one thing I’ve never touched on because I hear it lives forever. Biblically, your soul is something immortal. Even after you are gone and resting with the angels in the sky, your soul will still be dancing in the air. You want your soul to be at peace even when you are gone so you feed it with good things when you are alive.

Just be good and your soul is bound to be a pure soul. Don’t be naughty.


By Slade Jeff

I am a zen, I love this life plus a lot of wine..I will keep your days filled with interesting content. I am also pro-brands, I tell stories about them at a fair price, let me put in a good word for you. Contact me through for business.

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