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March 4, 2019
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On the Rocks!

Imagine clean water flowing through a rock. Now imagine that whisky on some ice cubes. Chilled and smooth. There is no better feeling than that I swear. I rarely drink so I wouldn’t be writing about some whisky if it didn’t give me a good experience. I am a social drinker. The only responsible drinkers I know of. Those guys who take a glass just for connecting purposes. And there is no brand that connects like Jameson Whisky.

There are too many brands in the market and as a client, I am very choosy. I only choose a brand with the best experience and that’s what Jameson Whiskey did for me on Tuesday. When the brand ambassador invited me for a testing session, I thought it was just going to be like any other house party or event I have attended. I have gone to crazy parties before so I didn’t expect something out of the ordinary.

However, when I arrived at the scene in Westlands, it was just lit and at the same time most laid back testing session I have ever been to. Full of influencers and radio guys. I ran into a couple of former workmates too. A little catching up here and there. I have worked in a boujee Ad agency before and some of my former workmates are mini celebs. But what made the night was Jameson and the entire team. They gave us the sweetest cocktail I have ever tested and took us through the Jameson experience. That brand doesn’t disappoint when it comes to showing up. They have been throwing the most wild parties over the past years. Tell me an event bigger than Jameson Connect? The answer is none.

Kukata Maji

Then we got down on it. We emptied those bottles like camels that are just about to cross the desert. At around 10 pm I was already feeling tipsy and I had done enough socializing too. I usually sleep early so I decided to leave. I was expecting a hangover the following day but I was told to drink with water. Hangover is usually a sign of poor drinking habits, don’t put that on the brand. You sip through your whisky slowly with a bottle of water and you won’t experience some crazy hangovers the following day.

I woke up the next day feeling like a million bucks. I have been to liquor events before but I felt different on this one. I now understand how they became the biggest sellers. I am a wine person but I got to give it up to Jameson when it comes to giving clients great experiences. And I love the natural color of Jameson Whisky. It takes the color of that oak barrel. Leave alone liquor that has food color.

So next time you are in the club, ask for the Jameson brand. It is a serious brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously kwani iko nene?


Slade Jeff
Slade Jeff
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