Who’s your daddy? boychild got nothing on sponsors!

And I mean absolutely nothing. Sponsors pick girls right off their noses every second. Boy child doesn’t get it at all. We are in a third world country and our most important need is economic empowerment i.e mulla, pesa buda. Something boys still don’t have. They can make all the noise in the world and diss sponsors on social media but when a sponsor shows up with a benz, they keep quiet and hide their tails behind their legs.

@kays.life on Instagram: “❤️UNCONDITIONAL LOVE ❤️ . . .  #mylove #beautiful #wifey #lovehersomuch #blessed #goodtimes #lovemyfamily #married #parents #parenting…”

A man is like whisky. Ask a brewer how they treat whisky that is old i.e 50 years and above. They treasure that thing. Store them in barrels made of oak and keep them in some stores locked with big chains like those of a maximum security prison. That is some fine stuff right there. Highly rich in ingredients and valuable. An old whisky is calm and collected with a natural colour. It is not showy like a young whisky.

Boy child behaves like a 12 year old bottle of whisky. Shiny and vibrant. It is showy but their ingredients doesn’t last for long in open air. You can rub some whisky between your hands and compare the smell of a young whisky and that of an old whisky. The old whisky is better of course and is more expensive. A young whisky is cheap as we know. Do you think your lil mama likes your boyish swag more than that of a sponsor?

Old money vs new money

Boy child is like new money. Makes noise and is known. When boy child makes move on a woman he does so with arrogance and cockiness. Very impressive to young girls. But when a sponsor i.e old money holla at a chic, they do so with so much class and grace. Mature and collected. They throw some money her way. Money they know they have. Boy child can try to use money and come across as try hard. Girls know boy child is a suffering lot.

Sponsors control all the money in this country and actually employ the boy child. Ladies like stability. They have been wired from an early age to seek security. And I don’t mean physical security in our case. Boy child goes to the gym and might offer bodyguard services. However, ladies like financial security. They want to know the future is bright and their kids will be catered for when they get pregnant. Sponsors have that ability to rear kids. Boy child have P2 in their houses so that no chic get pregnant in their bedsitters.


Boy child definitely have feelings. They are always crying for their rights and won’t stop making memes depicting their hard lives. Sponsors are stable emotionally. They have seen it all and have less chaos in their lives. They have reached the pinnacle of emotional maturity. Sponsors got emotional control.

Who’s your daddy?

I mean who is your grand daddy? Okay, you can ask a chic your age mate who is your daddy in bed and she might even feel insulted. At you age you can’t deliver that line with weight. But what if a sponsor ask her. You can already feel the difference in the room. It has more authority when a sponsor does that.

The bedroom might be one place where boy child might outshine sponsors but I can say sponsors have more experience. Boy child might know all the latest styles but skills will never outshine experience in any field. There are no generals at 25 right? Young soldiers out of the military school will never lead an operation however aggressive and fresh they are. They lack battle experience i.e they have no reference points. Boy child might have more energy between the sheets but they don’t know where all the spots are located. Sponsors have been hitting that for decades. They know where to touch.

Love fights

I give this to boy child, at least we don’t go to the extreme when jilted. Sponsors are powerful and might even hang you when you try to play them. Boy child gets played, catch feelings and move on. Ukichezwa unatembeza kiatu roho safi. Sponsors are ruthless. They own your ass. They are more dominating than boy child. But I can say women like dominant men. However sponsors dominance turns into violence. Don’t play with sponsors, they can get real ugly. Just make your money. These old boys don’t fear blood like boy child.

Respect the OGs

Boys will be boys though. They just get better with age. Don’t ever think you have an upper hand over an OG when it comes to getting chics. Respect the OGs, they have been there and done that. They know the ropes. But wako na ma issues sana. To hell with sponsors, they have brought unfair competition to the dating market.

Nice week ahead

By Slade Jeff

I am a zen, I love this life plus a lot of wine..I will keep your days filled with interesting content. I am also pro-brands, I tell stories about them at a fair price, let me put in a good word for you. Contact me through japhethsylvester1@gmail.com for business.

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