That Office Flirt??

You are punctual and your work ethics are impeccable but as you’ve noticed most of our clients are females and that might compromise your service delivery….so I am letting you go

Am I thinking out loud? naahh.

Am I even tripping? nope I don’t.

Did that happen? Yes that shit happened back in 2016 to one of my boys kev. Now it is like that guy just got fired for being a man. Gender bias of the highest order. If that employer had male clients, would she have fired her female employees? I highly doubt. But such is the level of mediocrity in some places. Anyway, this is not a civil rights platform, we are here to see how far you can get away with office flings should you decide to taste some of it.

I had to start with that story to show you how that hommie got fired without even flirting at work. He was simply let go because his presence alone was considered not conducive around female clients. The most fucked up lay off story I have ever heard was that one. I think it was a ‘compliment’ at the same time. Imagine getting fired because you are too hot and that might just weaken some clients. He was just too ‘illegal’ right? So what did we do?

Did we curse and swear like sailors? Of course.

Did we cry? We are too hard for that.

Did we sue? We have better shit to take care of.

So, I throw the question back to you? Should we as men flirt at work? I don’t know.


It depends with your job and the type of company you work in. You can’t afford to flirt and smile at people when you are doing some jobs? let’s say you are a judge. And your workmates and clients are criminals. Do you flirt with them?  Okay, let’s say you are a musician, and your clients are hot fans who would do anything just to have a second with you. Do you flirt and smash them? I don’t need to answer such a question. Even the most ignorant person knows the answer.

Okay, the above examples are completely extreme and I would say unnecessary in helping us understand whether we should flirt at work so let’s get back to a normal workplace with normal employees with common jobs with regular schedules. Judges and musicians don’t do 8 to 5 like other people out there.

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So you join a firm as a young dude and you notice how sexy and intelligent the ladies around are, what do you do? First of all you will try to be ‘professional’ and resist beauty. But you are not going to pull that fake ‘stunt’ for a long time. I swear ladies will weaken you if they want to. As long as you are sexy, well dressed, good height and you can attract some female attention, they will soon get the better part of you. It is just a matter of time with your ‘good boy’ vibe. And let me tell you, chics don’t buy that ‘innocent’ face you put on as a man….why? Because all girls have game bro. All.Of.Them. They know all the tricks. And that is why I would advise every man to know the game.

And if you know game, you will be aware of what do with all that female attention. For now, I would just say check the nature of your job. If it doesn’t allow you to flirt then don’t. Because you need money more than women. Women are good but they can’t be your mission in life. Your money comes first and then those other things come later.

But let’s say your kind of hustle is not that serious or rather you are employed in an environment that allows office flings to happen. Then go ahead and flirt, once in a while though. You want to be putting more energy into work than flirting. Flirting doesn’t bring food to the table. It comes along during lunch breaks and such moments. But still I know how stressful work can get. With all the pressure to deliver and meet deadlines, I don’t think flirting should come along. But you know one thing with flirting, it just finds its way into the wrong places without you even noticing. So if someone brings it on, just flirt back under the radar. There are usually too many eyes in the office though. I am super discrete with my flings so I would shy away from going all the way with a co-worker.


You might cross the boundary and step on someone’s toes unknowingly, that is something you got to be aware of  when flirting at work. You just don’t know who else is after that hot intern. It might be some shot caller who can get you fired. Or just a colleague you least expect would be interested in her. So before you decide to take on that hot chic at work, do some underground research and know who else is interested in that girl because I promise you there is always someone else who is. Be ready for beef and hostility if you outdo them in the competition. It happens. Ignore that at your own peril.


The last resort is just to smile and ignore the situation all along. Act like you have seen it all and it doesn’t even move you. Just be friendly and let it go. Meet girls in other areas out of work. And just channel all your energy into work.

And what if you decide to go all the way and smash? It is up to you bro but be ready when shit goes south, it can affect the work environment. Imagine seeing your ex every day for I don’t know how many years or months.

Enjoy your Monday.

By Slade Jeff

I am a zen, I love this life plus a lot of wine..I will keep your days filled with interesting content. I am also pro-brands, I tell stories about them at a fair price, let me put in a good word for you. Contact me through for business.

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