The Best Things in Life are not Free (In My 20s)

I thought the best things in this life are free just like it had been said in songs and movies but with time you realize that it was just but consolation. There is nothing good that is just easy and free like that. Even if you want to breathe fresh air, you will not only have to go outside your house but also live in a leafy suburb. I am living in Eastlands at the moment and the air is not as fresh as that in Ngong Road. Ngong Road is still forested and the trees there make the environment just so cool. Eastlands has been deforested with flats all over; getting fresh air is just by luck. Nairobi has good weather generally but there is a reason they call some suburbs leafy, the air there is good. Don’t think the fresh air you breathe is free, you must be living in a good place and that comes at a cost.

Air is one thing people think is for free, but it is not. What else is free? Good health, hell Nah! If you want good health you will have to eat well, go for regular checkups. They say money can’t buy health but it is just a fallacy. It can get you good medication that will clear off your health issues. What is free is meditation which I have talked about a lot. The best things like a good smile, a happy home, a good skin cannot be free because you need some effort to get them. A good smile means you whiten your teeth, a happy home means you chose a good partner, and a good skin means you drink a lot of fresh water and eat fruits. Nothing good is for free. If they are free people would easily have them but they don’t. 

What else is free? Love. Huh!

This is very debatable and I take a contrary position. No one will love a filthy looking homeless man. For people to admire you, and respect you and want to be your friend, you will have to be likeable, charismatic, and with a lot of value to their lives, otherwise, they won’t want to be around you. I look at my friends and wonder if they would be my friends if I was a homeless alcoholic who borrows from them and they certainly won’t. I will be a downer in their lives and they will want nothing to do with me. Nothing in this life is free my people.

If you look like some wretched homeless person, no one will even look at you. for someone to love you, they look at you keenly, observe your face and wonder if you even had dinner last night, they look at your smile and consider if it is genuine and warm, then they decide subconsciously to love you. Nothing that happened there is free. You took good care of your face, you dressed well, you looked confident and smiled well…all those things take a lot of work to achieve and even some money. A good first impression is not free.

You work on your personality to come across as confident, warm, and charming.

What else is free in this good life? Sex. Hell Nah!

I am yet to see where sex is free in this life. If you live in Nairobi I am sure you understand sex has been commercialized. Sex sells a lot and that’s why a price even if it is small has been put on it. If you want striking, vivacious, intelligent women with voluminous behinds to get together with you, you will have to look very hot and sometimes even pay for Uber. You don’t have to buy flesh but there is some investment you will put in yourself as a person to get intimacy from quality partners.

Sex might be free at times, I mean you can get it with minimal expenditure, all you have to do is ask some times. Most men spend unnecessarily on sex. The women don’t even ask them to spend as they put it out there.  A majority of women don’t care about money as you might think, and many men don’t care about sex as much as people believe. And this might mean not free but it is also not expensive. The charges are there but very small.

What else is free in life? Time. Never!

Just like sex, time is commercialized, and time is considered money. Your time on this rock is limited, and that’s why some people pay per hour. There is a freelance site called people per hour. You can put a price on your time when you ask genuinely busy people with a tight schedule when they can be free, they will tell you “I am never free but I can look for some time”. These are guys who charge for their time.

I think everyone has some free time but time, in essence, is not a free thing. Even during that free time, guys will be doing something, cleaning the house, watching a movie, reading a book, or working out. And thus it can’t be free, there are small activities you do during your free time. And what is really free in this life? Parents can be free for many people but they also become demanding and you still have to work on your relationship with your parents.

Some good things in life can come with less effort, and not with the kind of seriousness we put on them. There are great things we take for granted like a good sleep. You can have a king-size bed but not sleep in peace. You can meditate before bed and sleep well. So a good night’s rest can be achieved freely.

You can learn how people work and think and have a good relationship with them. And that way you will enjoy a good life full of rewarding relationships. All you need to do to get the free things that life has to offer is to just adjust and learn how to get those things and you will enjoy all the free things life has to offer.

Alcohol is definitely not free, and it is not one of the good things that life has to offer. Be careful when the alcohol is free!

Till next time!

By Slade Jeff

I am a zen, I love this life plus a lot of wine..I will keep your days filled with interesting content. I am also pro-brands, I tell stories about them at a fair price, let me put in a good word for you. Contact me through for business.

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