Three Times Rule

Okay, this is a simple interesting rule, it simply means that if you do it three times well, you ain’t playing around, you know what you are doing; the three times rule simply looks like this;

If you do it once, maybe you got lucky.

If you do it twice, damn you know what you are doing. You are onto something here.

And if you do it thrice, no shit, no way, you got this, you are more than a master, and in fact, you are a grandmaster.

This rule is with everything; a skill, a sport, a business, and just about anything that needs mastery. It can even be with shooting darts. If you hit the right spot once, you are lucky, if you hit it twice, well you are quite something. But if you shoot the right spot thrice, damn you really know your way around this thing.

The argument is simply that there is no way you are doing it twice if you are not good at it. You must be good if you are getting it right more than once.

The idea is that you practice until you can’t get it wrong.  I don’t know how true this rule is considering that even the best basketballers or footballers shoot a lot of balls that go outside target. However, if a striker or a point guard scores high points in every game, then he is just too good. And we can’t ignore it.

What about the money? It is all the same thing;

You get money once, we can say maybe you won a lottery.

You make money twice, well you are working very hard it seems.

You make money three times, damn you are savvy, you are getting paid three ways. You are really good at business or getting in streams of income.

This rule says that the guy who can do it again and again with so much ease is truly the king. He is not getting lucky, he is not hoping that he will get it right every time he does whatever he does. He is just that guy. The guy to go to.

There are many ways to follow this rule, if you do something right once, ignore it and consider it a lucky break. However, try doing it again and even better the second time. Now if you achieve success the second time, don’t quit while you are ahead, just go on and give it a third shot. If it happens again the third time, boy you are kicking it well.

As long as whatever you are doing is a value-adding thing, it can’t be something negative. Most people are good at perfecting negative habits. The thing here is to have the right habits that enable results every time you do that thing you are an expert at.

Mastery doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of practice and patience. Only a few people achieve mastery in whatever they do. In every profession, we have the top guys who know what they are doing and the rest who are still learning on the job. It doesn’t mean that those learners are bad; it is just that they lack that ace and consistency that the top guys have. And that’s why in every field if you make it to the top one percent you will get paid handsomely.

This is not a joke, let’s look at a profession like shoe making, we have the guys repairing torn shoes, then we have the guys designing sneakers for Adidas like Kanye, they don’t get paid the same definitely. They are all making shoes but they are on totally different tax brackets. We have others also endorsing shoes like Nike.

Even at the top level, we have shoe designers who come up with nice sneakers once and then try to keep that consistency in vain. And we have those hit makers, guys who keep giving us good stuff every time. Some sneakers are just never going out of fashion anytime soon, like leather sneakers. They are masterpieces, a pure work of genius and creativity.

The three times rule doesn’t need one-hit wonders. What one-hit wonders do is that they leave us with so much to see from their talent. We start thinking they were just doing guesswork. We want consistency in the game, not one hit. However, if you are to come up with a great idea once that can get you sorted out for the rest of your life, it is just okay. I see no problem with being a one-hit-wonder if whatever you made is getting you paid for life.

I am not an inventor but KFC just had one chicken recipe that got him sorted out for good. Not everyone is a creative head that keeps churning out dope ideas like crazy. You don’t need twenty ideas when you can just have one billion dollar idea. You just don’t have to be a father of inventions if you ask me. Unless you have just decided to be an inventor because that’s what some of these three timers are. They are just about what’s next.

In a career like music or painting, you have to be giving us dope stuff each time or we will be bored. One hit is not enough because music is very competitive. If you want fans to keep buying and attending shows, you keep quenching their thirst with good music like Biggie or 2Pac during their days. However, if you are a book author, one great book might do. There are authors known for just one good book.

Above all, if you ever feel like you made something but there is still an argument, just do it again to confirm that yeah, it is you. The three times rule is all about silencing the argument. You just shut up your haters.

There is another way this rule is used; in writing it’s all about explaining things in three bullet points etc. In humor, it’s all about set-up, anticipation, and then the punchline. I wasn’t talking about that today. Interested in that? Check it out here.

Have a productive week!

By Slade Jeff

I am a zen, I love this life plus a lot of wine..I will keep your days filled with interesting content. I am also pro-brands, I tell stories about them at a fair price, let me put in a good word for you. Contact me through for business.

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