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It is very important where you look for information on the internet. Every time someone says a scientific fact, we ask him where he got that information from. If he can’t provide or quote a credible source of information, his words cease to be based on facts. They are just opinions or hypotheses overall. He is just gossiping and talking trash. Men’s lives matter and thus I want to direct you to the best blogs on the internet where as a man you can get any information you want. I am talking about insightful, empathetic, motivating, and life-changing information you can apply and achieve wild success in your life as a man.

To end the long intro, here we go;

Men’s Health

This is it. It is the best online magazine with the most certified coaches on fitness, diet, and sexual health as a man. They usually have up to date articles on any grooming or workout routine you need as a man. I have been reading Men’s Health since 2012 and I can’t stop. When I don’t feel like reading, I watch their workout videos on YouTube. Their trainers are so ripped and will motivate you to get in shape with their tips and jacked arms. I developed a love for working out from reading their features.

Men’s Health authors are very qualified fitness gurus that provide science-based information and applicable gym routines that you can follow and find success in your fitness life. Apart from fitness, they have tones of information on relationships, fashion, gym diet, and all that a man needs in his life even movies.


GQ is a men’s style guide online magazine. GQ also has tips on fitness and dating but I prefer it for fashion. I check GQ every time as they feature celebrity fashion and good dating advice too. I have to admit I read Men’s Health more than I read GQ but it is still a great site. I used to overlook it as a model’s magazine but they have put tons of effort into showcasing some of the best clothing attire and dressing tips. They have better tips when it comes to a sense of style than any men’s magazine I know. But I think Mr. porter which I will be covering in this piece can give them a run for their money.

You want to know the best colon for men or the finest blazers? Or read unfiltered celeb’s interview? Check out GQ.

Mr. Porter

Do you want to shop from the biggest designers in the world? Check out Mr. Porter. There are no online men retail website like Mr. Porter. I know there is none because that site is golden. The layout, the advice, and everything you need as a man when shopping online are laid bare…whatever you need to purchase even gifts is on the site. If you just like reading about fashion news, check out Mr. Porter and you won’t be disappointed. This is a UK site I discovered back in 2013 and became an active reader.

The items there are pricey though; don’t go there if you are broke. They sell leather sneakers on that site at $800. That’s not an average man’s site. However, you can window shop there if you like fashion, just a well put site for men. I like these sites I am talking about because they are just meant for men solely. But you will find women going there…sigh!

If you ever need an expensive gift for your dad or buddies, feel free to check it out even if you are a female.

Hehe, what a name to begin with. It is the most famous dating site for men on the internet. The site is so good that it even attracts female readers. They sell men’s dating products and relationship advice that is very real and applicable to a man’s social life. If you lack confidence with the ladies, the site will just iron out your issues with time if you keep reading and applying what is taught there.

Another reason I read girlschase is because of the English written there. Those guys are good with words. American English sounds so good if you get good writers like those on GC as they call it. They have very sharp writers who exhibit good intellect and a nice understanding of the social arts. I discovered girlschase back in 2012 but I didn’t immediately become an active reader. Later on, started reading it in 2016 and I have been active since then. I prefer it for life’s advice not even dating.

My dating life is kind of random, but their general advice on mindset is good. I haven’t seen a more real dating site than that.


If you want information about COVID-19 or global warming or Ebola, this is one solid site for such kind of data. I am not a good science student and I thus don’t read a lot about diseases and new scientific inventions, but I am sure some of you like such geeky things. If you are an IT nerd, this is the place for you to gather some information on new software being developed by MIT or Harvard graduates.

I just push myself to read on science because it is good to know things. Knowledge is power they say. If you are a science student, this is the place to go. The latest research news is on this site.

Do you follow Star Wars, or like debating on Dc and marvel movies? Look no further for information. You can find all you need when it comes to movies on this site. You will find critical reviews of the latest action and series of this world. I haven’t read Screen Rant for long but they are a number one site when it comes to reviewing movies.

Another good reason to read Screen Rant is that they have a Kenyan writer on their site, which is a good thing. The biggest movie site on the internet has a Kenyan writer. Check it out and you will know which writer is that, it is not me. Looking for a writer with a Kenyan name among white people is not a hard task.

Do you know which site I wanted to mention when it comes to movies? Rotten Tomatoes. I like it but they are just a rating site, not a content site as such. I have always had a small beef with them; they are very selfish when it comes to ratings.

As we conclude…

There you have it, boys, I have opened your eyes to what you have been sleeping on when surfing the net for men’s stuff. There is one important part I haven’t covered and that is finance. For finance, you can check out Forbes or follow YouTubers like Dan Lok. I am yet to find a great financial advice site that I follow all the time. I guess it is because most of those sites talk about dollars and I make Kenyan shillings. Anyway, even our Kenyan sites like career sites have advice on how to make money part-time when you are just started or working.

I don’t want to direct you to a site I have never used, so that’s your assignment, find out the best sites for financial advice. Or check out banks and microfinance websites. Actually, for finances just attend seminars and networking events.

Hey, nice time!

By Slade Jeff

I am a zen, I love this life plus a lot of wine..I will keep your days filled with interesting content. I am also pro-brands, I tell stories about them at a fair price, let me put in a good word for you. Contact me through for business.

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