Kenyan Woman asks on Twitter Why Men give up the chase Easily, Kenyan Seducers Answers

I am not usually active on Twitter, but it is a hotbed of juicy stories. The screenshots of the most trending videos or posts usually reach me through WhatsApp groups. I am more of an IG and LinkedIn guy. A Kenya woman had a dilemma the other day.

So, according to this woman from the embedded tweets, she sat next to a hot guy with good height, beards and who also happened to smell nice in a comedy show.

Let’s stop there for a minute.

A comedy show is one of the best dates to take a woman, according to dating coaches from You lean back, seat close to your woman and let the man on stage do the job for you. She will tie those good feelings to you. However, they were not a date, but what do you think people look for in these shows if not potential suitors?

This man was on the prowl because he chose to seat next to a fly chic, and this lady was definitely in hunting mode, considering how she describes the man and the experience.

Second Part.

They talked a little, and he finally asked for her number.

I want to smack myself on the head, but I won’t. It is not my fuck up; it is this guy’s mishap. Why are men so into taking numbers even when they ought to be doing other things like physically escalating and moving women around?

She probably had nothing much to do after the comedy show, so he ought to have vibe her a little, touched her hands, checked out and complimented her jewellery and asked her what she was up to after the show. Then he could have taken her somewhere quiet for a nightcap or a milkshake. Y’knahmean.

That could have been the second date they were on within the same day. The first date was already set up for them (the comedy show), and they lucked into it, but they both seem slow and lack finesse in dating. Look at what happened next.

He invited her for a lunch date which she turned down. She said she did it because she was playing hard.

I’m afraid I have to disagree with her on that. My sister, you think that is why you turned down the date, but subconsciously you slotted this guy into “a slow-moving inactive man” at the back of your mind just like many other guys who approach you to ask for your contact and do nothing. What you felt for him died when he didn’t do anything the day you met at the comedy show.

He only flirted with you, he didn’t make a move on you!

That was the best time to strike. Men, in most cases, you have one chance with a woman to strike; you don’t make a bold move, you lose her to another more aggressive male willing to push beyond the boundaries and close the deal there and then.

It is like in business if a customer comes to your shop and seems willing to buy, the buying temperature is there up in the air, it is up to you as a salesman to push them to make the purchase and not dilly dally around thinking they will come back later. Go for the hard sell if possible because they will never come back.

How long do you need to make things happen with a woman?

It can be 15 minutes, 1 hour or 1 week, depending on the context of the meet-up. If you meet a woman in a club or a comedy show like this guy, you don’t need those formal dates you think you need to do with her later on. People tend to be horny in these environments and looking for a potential mate.

All that guy had to do was to pull that lady from the comedy show to another location and then straight home if he was determined enough. He could have taken the contact way later. That is the last thing he needed to have done, taking numbers.

Whenever I meet a female at a party or a club or in a show or on a set, the ideal thing is to chat, make her laugh a little and pull her aside somewhere for a drink and try to move things forward, not taking numbers.

If she could have resisted going somewhere with her after the show, she might not have been as interested in the guy as she thought. Still, from her description, she was into the guy. She would have said yes if he had proposed a decaf coffee date, a milkshake, or some ice wine after the show. He would have gone for an instant date not planned dates.

The fact that she gave him her number means she was compliant and would have followed along with his next request.

What to do with missed connections. 

Even women regret botched interactions they have had with men. In the same way, men regret all the women they lost due to clumsiness. You can see this woman feeling bad about that incident. If you go to craigslist and check the missed connections section, you shall see tons of such stories.

This happens a lot, unfortunately.

These are probably young people who think they have second chances and lots of time on their hands, yet they don’t. You don’t have much time on this rock so learn to be opportunistic.

She finally asked why men give up so fast. The question should have been, why are men so slow sometimes? This looks like a rookie, not a guy who gives up. He tried calling the gal to set up a date, so he is not the giving-up type. He is simply a slow gamer. You will only lose many women with that snail speed unless you are very good at playing the long game.

I listened to the Classic radio morning show dissecting this topic, and the presenters were also wondering why the man gave up, and one of them even commented that back in the days of yore, it would take a month before a man got to kiss a lady. I laughed.

Your great-grandpa probably kissed your great-grandma in the sugarcane plantations. Those men were bolder and seized opportunities way faster than the domesticated man of today.

The guy moved slowly. That is it. If you want women, move faster. Way faster than you are moving right now. Don’t rush her, keep on pushing and as long she doesn’t object to moving forward with you, just move on.

I hope not every man gives up, some are relentless in the pursuit of their object of desire.

Nice holidays, Jeff!

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