Touching Your Way Around Women

Dominant men touch. “Don’t be scared of touching her” that’s what a female director once told me when I was once on a set with another female actress.

I was playing a scene where I was required to touch the actress and I must confess women love touching. I thought I was touching her enough but the director kept telling me to touch her more.

Women are just naughty I think, they were also touching me a lot on set. This is because I was well dressed for the scene, I had a tie, a dope shirt and a neat trouser. They couldn’t stop complimenting the look.

Now, that was a long time ago. I am no longer actively acting, I do it once in a while. The last part I played was of an extra role as a waiter.

I have observed that actors love touching from the many times I have been on set, even in Hollywood actors touch a lot. If you want to learn how to touch women, watch good movies like those of James Bond, he invades women’s space a lot.

Women who don’t like you will be put off a little when you touch. Those who fancy you though will be thrilled you touched them.

If you want to know how effective touch is to your interactions with women just remember the last time a woman touched you, how did you feel? I am sure you felt electricity.

Women themselves are masters at touching, she will brush her body against you or just bump into you like two cars on head collision. That is not an accident when it happens, she planned for that.

I was once standing by the roadside waiting for traffic to clear so that I can across, a couple came by and the lady touched me as they passed, I just smiled and they then started laughing. Now I won’t advise you to do that.

You just can’t go around touching strangers randomly, the lady must have been very flirty or just bold. Either way it depends with the context, it is normal for some people to touch you just a few minutes after meeting you, I get it a lot.

You want women to touch you on their own? Work out.

They will touch your shoulders or biceps a lot. Even men will do it.

However, you ought to be the one touching women. Females who are touching you are doing it from a place of dominance. Men who are touching you are coming from that angle too.

You could be touching the women you are on a date with lightly by sitting next to them or guiding them through traffic or holding their hands as they move up or down the stairs.

Well, it is a conservative society down here and any form of public display of affection is frowned up on.

Holding hands while walking down the street, hugging, kissing in public etc. is discouraged.

Touching vs. Public Display of Affection

The only thing to not do is kissing in public, but you can peck, that is harmless. Leave kissing for privacy.

All along you can notice that I have been playing it safe with this touching guide because it is a rather sensitive topic in this era where men are getting slapped with assault and harassment charges all over.

I have given you incidents where people can touch you randomly and all you can do is smile and move on, don’t make it a big deal unless they become overly aggressive with their touch. You might be getting mugged not loved.

You touch people harmlessly in the early stages of interaction. You can touch her hands not grab, there is a difference. You can check her hands or do a hands clasp.

If she touches you back when you touch her, you got a winner right there.

If you touch her and she slowly pushes your hands away, it means the touch is not yet welcomed. It is uncalibrated. You should be touching at high points, when she is happy and exhilarated, she is less likely to resist your touch when she is feeling good.

Women love being touched, even those from backgrounds where there is less touch and people are rather distant.

I come from a religious, conservative background and even my mum last touched me when I was a baby.

However, my main love language is touch, it is not gifts or even money. If I like two girls equally and one touches me a lot and the other doesn’t. I will go with the one who touches.

A woman who touches is hot, and it is even a sign she is good in bed.

A man who don’t touch is cold, and it might be sign he is not dominant enough even in the bedroom.

How can you touch as a man? There are various types of touch and for which occasion. I am talking about harmless touch here not sexual touch. A hug is different from spanking or grabbing an ass.

I said touch not grab, there is time for everything.

 In privacy you can touch her elbows, her biceps, her shoulders, her legs etc. 

You start with the harmless touch as you slowly move into sexual touch. Intimate touch is a whole other topic I don’t want to get into yet. If you are squeezing her waist and drawing her into you, that is very private, don’t do it in public.

If you are not a tactile man you won’t just start by touching women, you will start by touching things around you. Feel things not only women, touch goods not only goodies.

You need to have created a certain vibe with a woman before you jump into touching, but as I said, some women or even men will come up to you, say hello, smile and touch you as they introduce themselves. They are uncensored.

If you are confident and smooth enough, you can just do it. The vibe is all that matters, if it is easy and the person is cool and smiling, you can just give a light touch.

Now, go grab some people!

By Slade Jeff

I am a zen, I love this life plus a lot of wine..I will keep your days filled with interesting content. I am also pro-brands, I tell stories about them at a fair price, let me put in a good word for you. Contact me through for business.

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