Are Most Men in Prison Because of Women? 

I have come across countless videos on the internet of men claiming a majority of inmates ended up in the joint because of women. Crimes of passion. 

I am not a jailbird and I can’t know the motivation behind committing a crime but that’s an interesting perspective I would love to explore. There is a bit of truth in it such that the wrong woman can make you end up in jail or a bad place financially. 

One such videos that claim men end up locked up because of women claims that most men will commit a crime to get money to impress women or most men will fight over a woman even if it leads to death or a catastrophic situation. 

I can say all those observations are true and I have seen them happen or there is a shred of truth in them. I had a parent who was a law enforcer so I know the things that make men end up behind bars. 

A lot of Dumb Criminals

Most criminals are dumb, they even confess to their crimes, and that’s how they get caught. The reason El Chapo was caught is because he left the mountains where he was hiding to go get some Tacos, he also did an interview with Sean Penn. The most wanted man in the world is doing interviews? how dumb is that? Think about it.

The majority of the men end up in jail because of women are either sociopaths or low-IQ men or a combination of two, low intelligent psychopaths. A man who commits a crime to fend for a woman is just a borderline sociopath because there are many ways to provide without committing a crime. Even in low-income neighborhoods, many poor men don’t commit crimes to provide for their families. Besides, many women stay with men in poverty so if you have the type of woman pushing you to commit a crime to offer her a certain lifestyle, you chose a crazy one. I don’t know any women who tell their man to rob or engage in illegal activities to give them a soft life. If you come across those women who have dated criminals, it’s better to disappear. They are bad news. 

What about jealous men who get into fights and kill other men who associate with their women? These groups of men are under the sociopath or low IQ men I mentioned earlier, your woman will always associate with other people, friends, workmates, or clients who are male, and becoming weirdly possessive with your mate to the extent where you become violent is psycho. Your lady can be friendly in a platonic way with other men, that’s not a reason to be alarmed and resort to violence. If you are the jealous type of man who can kill out of love, you might need to have an abundance mindset because anger and jealousy are emotions experienced by men with a scarcity mindset. If you feel your woman might leave you or cheat on you, well, such a level of insecurity or jealousy is very unhealthy for a relationship and you might want to do something about it. A woman shouldn’t be your world, have other things going on for you that are more important so that even if a woman leaves you, you still have a life. 

A female friend of mine once had a guy who started paying her rent, bills, and such things, she made the man pay a lot for her and never slept with her all that time, one day she told him off and the guy drank poison and tried to take his life. The guy didn’t die and was arrested for attempted suicide. That is another example of a low-IQ guy going to jail because of a woman, who told him he could buy a woman’s affection. 

Are women worth fighting for? Yes, they are. Men have historically fought over women, some of the nastiest arguments men end up is because of women. If you dig into most arguments among men, you will find a woman is involved. Men are jealous of other men who get beautiful women as they stay on the sidelines and look helplessly. Women themselves can easily inspire violence among men, a woman neglected or rejected by a man can influence other men to intimidate a man or in extreme cases to beat a man. And those are bad women, the ones who do those types of things, it’s only psycho women who try to inspire violence among men, no woman in a healthy state of mind likes seeing men fight over her. I was once in a club in town and men started fighting over a woman and the lady was very disturbed, she didn’t want the trouble. 

I have a piece of advice for men who feel like they have to fight for women, if a foreign country invades your country and starts butchering your men like goats and forcefully taking your women, then fighting back in such a situation. If a man disrespects your woman or attacks your woman, then fight him in self-defense. It is justifiable to fight back in those scenarios. However, avoid going with your women to places where other men are present, drunk, disorderly, or too thirsty like the clubs, you will be asking for trouble. Avoid street fights with strangers over women at all costs, street fights have no rule but you should be able to get out of them once they have started. 

The only handcuffs you want her to put you on!

As I conclude this, avoid women who can make you commit a crime at all costs, the psychos, and don’t rob to fend for a woman or to sustain a lifestyle that attracts women. Only a certain type of woman is attracted to ill-gotten gains. The only time a woman should put you in handcuffs is during BDSM or you are the one who can handcuff her at kinky times.  

By Slade Jeff

I am a zen, I love this life plus a lot of wine..I will keep your days filled with interesting content. I am also pro-brands, I tell stories about them at a fair price, let me put in a good word for you. Contact me through for business.

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