6 Signs of Naivety

Are you a novice in life? How much life have you seen? Things look so different to an experienced eye. There are some signs that someone is still inexperienced in the ways of men and women, and just institutions generally. If you are experienced there are some things you won’t believe because you just know from a practical point of view that things don’t always go like that.

I am still pretty young but I ain’t dumb as such. I have tried gathering some reference points and I can tell you a lot of things my peers don’t know. I have a lot of wisdom from my 28 years of living. I have seen enough and I am still seeing things every day, good things, and nasty ones. And thus there is so much in this head.

Here are some signs you are still naïve;

You read too much and do less

Some very smart people didn’t even go to college. They do business effectively because they are doers and not binge readers. Well, going to college is not the only way of reading but most inexperienced people are so much into reading and less into doing. Reading is good, it is a shortcut to getting information, but knowledge and experience come from doing things. Just be more of a doer. You will discover that what you read is only a small part of the real thing.

No book teaches experience. I can’t ignore books though; some books are rich in information that can change your life only if you apply what you have read. Books will make you smart for sure but practical experience with things will give you an edge that smart readers lack. You will realize that most people have advice that you will feel like make sense but you know that is not entirely true because the guy lacks real-life exposure to the things he is talking about.

You believe politicians

Those guys don’t sound like humans to me, I don’t know about you but they are very good at saying vague things. Have you ever noticed how politicians answer questions? I answer questions like a politician because I like how they evade questions. I watch them on tv and think to myself “ these guys are so savvy and cunning”. They are very tactful and calculated in how they say things. A politician doesn’t need a PR person or an image consultant to manage his profile. They can manage their image by themselves properly.

At some point I stopped watching tv because of politicians, they were lying too much. I still don’t watch tv, it takes away a lot of my time that I can use on other things. Growing up my parents never bought us a tv because they thought it was just entertaining and not educative. They were right. But they loved the radio for the news and music. I think we were in the village that’s why TVs were rare, in the village you cant have things other people don’t, you will look rich for nothing.

The moment a Kenyan gets too trustful and emotional because of a politician and wants to even fight. I can just tell he is inexperienced in the ways of men. Politics is a mess. It is so dirty like a dumpsite with all kinds of garbage. However, if I wasn’t a writer I would be a politician or lawyer. I can get messy at times too.

You think people are good or bad

People are not good as such and people are not bad. There is a balance in between. An experienced person lives life in the grey area and doesn’t see people as good or bad. This way, you won’t make many enemies. If you see guys with a history of fallouts it is because they see life in terms of life or death. Most of your conflicts with people can be achieved if you only open your mind and see where they are coming from, and when you can see that, you can address the underlying emotional issue they have. It is not easy reading people unless you have interacted with many and dealt with many. That’s why people who are widely traveled and exposed to different cultures are easygoing and look so cool, they are experienced with all types of people. They don’t see any bad as such; they see a difference in mindsets.

You post personal things on social media

I understand, I also did a lot of that when I was younger. But social media is not a place to put up your family issues, finances, or love life. Why would a grown-up expose himself to public scrutiny like that? We have seen people lose jobs because of their posts. It is sad. You can be on social media but dial down the activity, just comment on humorous things and post normal things. If you are a digital marketer or works in marketing and advertisement then you are allowed to spend lots of time on social media as you learn how to engage with these platforms. Spending too much time on social media and you are not doing business there is a sign of too much free time on your hands.

You are just young

If you are below 23 you are still young indeed. There is an age we consider mature, and that is around 27 there. I don’t know but there is just a time for maturity. It is sad when you meet a naive 30-year-old man, where was he when his peers were growing up and amassing experiences? It takes moons to learn and re-learn things until you are considered wise like King Solomon. Even though I usually don’t think Solomon was wise when it came to women, he had 700. I am sure he had a lot of sons that were not his…it is biologically impossible to keep such a large number of women satisfied unless the women of those days were very asexual.

David was wiser than Solomon if you ask me. David his father decided to seek the kingdom of God first before looking for other things. You see Solomon asked God for wisdom only and ignored other things. Although I can’t blame Solomon for the many women, there is no ‘wise’ man when it comes to women. But his father David was also crazy; he killed a man to take his girlfriend, that man was dying with jealousy or he had no game like Solomon.  Whenever I read the bible, I come across some stories that just make me feel like throwing up.

The problem with that Uriah guy who got killed by David is that he was a savant who was too loyal. He wasn’t questioning things, David put him in front of the battle where he can get speared and he faithfully followed. He was a sycophant. No, he was naïve.

You believe the media

Newspapers, tv shows, advertisements, and such things are meant to entertain and they can air anything to attract masses of viewers. They make you believe you are special for watching these shows but not really, they are there to make money. It is not bad to watch tv, Cnn news, and such things but it’s good to question things at times. Don’t be quick to believe things they tell you. At the same time, you don’t live in space, you live in a society that is influenced by a lot of things and it influences you in turn, it is impossible to create your own world. You will be living in a bubble. So just live and continue looking for answers in things you don’t understand, don’t be naïve.

To more experience!

By Slade Jeff

I am a zen, I love this life plus a lot of wine..I will keep your days filled with interesting content. I am also pro-brands, I tell stories about them at a fair price, let me put in a good word for you. Contact me through japhethsylvester1@gmail.com for business.

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