What Makes a Man Boring?

Well, if you’ve ever been called dull of a man you know how it sucks. It is not a good word to describe a person. However, before I move on to what makes someone boring I would want to point out that normal, well-balanced people are rather boring. Normalcy and predictability are what you would expect from an everyday man or woman and thus chances are the majority of men out there are on the boring side of things.

If you like a little craziness or fun, be careful what you wish for because most interesting people are a little bit crazy. You can still be normal but intriguing; edgy and captivating. I believe we are all crazy to some extent no matter how ‘normal’ most of us are. And thus we want to kick boredom out by pointing out the things that make one boring, these are;

Guys who are not Passionate about Anything

This is one thing that stood out for me on a Reddit thread that I was reading on what makes a man boring. Boring men are not passionate about life or anything else, they are just there; they are not into sports, don’t like music, don’t like work or even new technology. The things their fellow men enjoy like an occasional beer or a trip out of the country, they don’t fancy that or even want to try someday. You can be passionate about politics, climate change etc.

Guys who only talk to Women they Find Sexually Attractive

It is not bad to be selective of the people you give your ear or time but at the same time don’t be obsessed with status. In that Reddit thread, a certain lady commented that she had a male co-worker who was funny and talkative with all women and she found that to be so hot. Now, not every guy who is silent is boring, I particularly don’t advise guys to be funny even if I am a very hilarious guy and run a comedy blog. I am more for the advice of being interesting. However, when it comes to talking to people, you gotta talk and contribute to the topics people seem interested in; new action movies, diet fads, trends, etc. as for women, talk even with the less attractive ones as you warm yourself for the hot ones otherwise the less attractive ones will block you from their hot friends.

Hot women look at how you treat the less attractive ones and judge your personality on that. I particularly look at how my male friends interact with old women, waitresses and hostesses, etc.

When it comes to conversation, just practice and practice till you get a good vibe.  It is sad that finding a great conversationalist is rare in the current society; people are glued to their phones too much. Reduce that screen time and come back to reality where people are having good talks. And that brings us to the next point.

Too Much Media Consumption

I can’t count how many articles I have run into on the internet warning men to stay away from consuming so much media. If you are a content creator, social media guy, or digital marketer you get a free pass on this. It is your job to watch trends and use them in your job. However, as for the rest of the guys, consuming too much propaganda and paranoia from the news is considered boring. There is great content you can consume like the type on this blog and then there is the rest.

Have Fun When People Are

If you are not enjoying yourself and people around you are in a great mood, you are a buzz killer. You are bringing the mood down. If people are fisting and taking shots of whisky and you are rather lost in your world, not smiling and dancing to the music playing loud, you are being boring. You should have just stayed at home. I have been guilty of this some time, I might find myself in a club when I am rather low and not in a mood for going out, however it is during such nights that I didn’t want to go out that I have gone out and met very interesting people and I ended up having tons of fun.

Find a Purpose

Get on your purpose hommie!

A boring man has no purpose, is irreligious, and rather bitter. Religion is good in a society because it gives people hope and something to look up to. Most boring men are rather cynical and take things personally and even emotionally most of the time. If you are to get a purpose or study some lessons in religion, you become interesting a little bit. I am not the most religious man but I like some lessons in religion and usually take time to listen to good sermons. I am also scientific in my thinking to an extent. Don’t be superstitious and believe in jinxes and karma, these are the things that make a man boring.

On finding a purpose, it is important that you chose the right purpose that will contribute to society, there are men with purposes who are still boring because they chose the wrong purposes. A man got to choose his battles carefully.

As we proceed.

Seek new experiences, travel if you can, and learn new languages when you get time. In other words, just live and eliminate boredom from your life. Boring men don’t explore or show interest in new things going around them.

Till another time!


By Slade Jeff

I am a zen, I love this life plus a lot of wine..I will keep your days filled with interesting content. I am also pro-brands, I tell stories about them at a fair price, let me put in a good word for you. Contact me through japhethsylvester1@gmail.com for business.

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