Andrew Kibe’s Rights and Wrongs

Andrew Kibe is quite a popular and controversial Kenyan YouTuber because of his polarizing views against women, celebrities and African people. He sounds like his namesake Andrew Tate, a red pill YouTuber; I would say he is Andrew Tate’s African brother. They are both Andrews, anyway. I have a close friend from campus called Andrew, a legit bad boy too. What is it with this name Andrew? anyway, it seems men with that name have a lot of androgens.

Andrew kibe and Andrew Tate are right on some things BUT also wrong on some things they say about women. Now, let’s write some of these wrongs (pun intended), especially their radical views on women.

Let’s start with the Right things Andrew Kibe Says;

A man needs a bigger purpose than chasing after Tail

True, a woman cannot be a man’s main focus in life. A man needs a mission or purpose bigger than himself. No woman wants to be with a man with nothing else going on for him apart from looking for the next lay. When young, men are focused on exploring and piling up notches. Kibe says he was so focused on piling up notch counts as a young man instead of building his career or investing. He was dick driven, as he always put it. Yes, men in their 20s are looking for booty calls most of their time, but as a man hits 30, he needs to focus on building himself or rather his networth.

A woman needs a man with a purpose she can attach herself to and support the man in achieving.

If you need your woman to work, you are poor

He is 90 percent correct. You didn’t see this coming but he is head-on on this. You are not a catch if you need your woman’s salary to supplement your earnings and keep the household afloat. If your woman can’t leave her job and join you in your business endeavours or look after the home when needed, you might not be worth your weight in gold as a man. You don’t know how many women, no matter how educated and successful in their careers, might still consider being homemakers if they have an alpha provider at home.

Let me also point out that some men are so bad with money that even if they make big bucks, they still can’t live well within their means or budget. If you are such a man, your woman will still have to work or you will be homeless one day because of your poor spending habits.

Most friends will turn their back on You

Anyone who trusts anybody who is not his father or mother fully is bound to be made a fool. The only friend you can have in this life is mum and dad. Be more careful the day you lose both; women, kids, friends or business partners can abandon you. However, I have known my dad and mum’s friends since I was young; some are still there. They have kept it real all along. The current millennial generation is terrible at friendship that’s why Kibe has been warning them to watch their back.

Marriage is Bullshit

He is both right and wrong in this.

I have never heard Kibe say marriage is nonsense, but he says he didn’t like his or asks men why they would get married. Okay, marriage is a societal thing, it is not in your DNA. Men and women are mammals wired to reproduce, and thus they are driven to choose the most competitive mate they can get and mix their genes for the best offspring. Yes, marriage is unnecessary, but reproduction is advised; science and religion agree on breeding and continuing the human species.

Andrew Kibe also says women are not attracted to most men they marry. Sure, some women settle down because they are husband-hunting, and some men settle down because they feel it is time; they are tired of playing the field. Do people marry because they are in love? Or do you need love to be married? I won’t advise people to marry for love because love is a feeling that fades away or feelings change. I would advise people to marry because they are compatible (emotionally compatible and compatible in communication and values). You got to share similar values, at least. Class is also essential; middle-class guys marry middle-class ladies, and things do not work out when you mix classes.

When it comes to love, all mammals can feel love; only sociopaths and psychos cannot feel love.

Listen to Andrew Kibe’s brother Andrew Tate talk about marriage in the above video; he is right on some things but marriage and respect are more nuanced than he talks about them; respect is a man-to-man thing, not a woman-to-man thing, a man looking for respect from women is bound to be disappointed. If you want respect from women be a cop or an authority figure or be intimidating (this gets you feared).

Andrew Tate is right on the mainstream media promoting the idea of strong women and weak men at home. Kibe also doesn’t like the mainstream media agenda of emasculating men and reducing them to wimps or puny, as he calls them.

On those three or four points, he is right. Now let’s see what he gets wrong.

All your women are whores

Not at all. Not every lady is a whore; I disagree with this. Where a man meets his women shapes his views of women. Kibe was a party guy here in Kenya before moving to the USA and he talks of meeting women in clubs and gals throwing themselves at him when he was a radio guy. Yes, money and fame can get you women, a particular type of woman, attracted to such things. However, there are good gals in bookstores and grocery shops, networking events, et al. these party gals Kibe keeps talking about are always down for something naughty. A man’s history shapes his views, Kibe must have spent time picking up these party gals or gals from dating apps, and they made him think every gal is a high sex drive or crazy.

Stop dating, avoid women and do something else with your life.

Again, this sounds like Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) advice. You only get this advice from the red pill community or men’s movement group who have been burnt by females or are somewhat bitter. Let me clear the fallacy here. Women are an inescapable part of life for men; heterosexual men with a good dose of testosterone need women at least some of the time. Yes, if a man spends too much with women, it is a waste of time and unhealthy psychologically for men, but telling men to stop associating with women is an extreme view. How will reproduction happen?

The modern man spends too much around women (in the workplace, in group activities), and they may need to stop doing that. Let them spend more time with other fellow men talking business and football.

Your Women is Your Money

Look at the woman you have, that is your level of money is the comment I picked up in one of his videos.  That’s not true; Kibe seems to believe that he can get almost any woman he wants with money. Well, saying women only want money is the same as saying men only want sex. Women turn down men with money; Men turn down sex offers from beautiful women.

Your woman is your game; men who think money will solve their women’s problem are in for a shock. You will wank in your Beamer, bro. If you have money and no game, you will buy sex most of the time, or you will only attract women who want your provider value, not sexual value. Similarly, nice men with no money and no game can only be friends with women at best. They lack provider value or sexual value. The bad boy with an edgy personality and no money can be lovers with a woman but not a boyfriend or husband. Your woman is thus a combination of three things (Your financial muscle, your lover potential and your friendship value). Women want all these three.

That’s all I have from his watching his videos and comparing the information with other dating advice for men I have come across over the years. Andrew Kibe is also hilarious, as a comedy writer, I have to give him that.  As for his brother Andrew Tate, he is a proponent of a neo-direct type of game which I am also not a fan of. He is too verbal at a time of cancel culture, which landed him in prison for a few months. Society doesn’t take kindly to these extreme views; life is in the middle. It is lived in the grey area!

To better days ahead!

By Slade Jeff

I am a zen, I love this life plus a lot of wine..I will keep your days filled with interesting content. I am also pro-brands, I tell stories about them at a fair price, let me put in a good word for you. Contact me through for business.

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