je suis Kenyan

I had to pull your leg there with some french before I proceed with my thing. I did a lot of that stuff through my schooling years but I rarely use it. The article is about being Kenyan and what it is like to grow up in this awesome country…prendre plaisir.

I am writing this after eating fried gatheri and just lying on my red carpet thinking how it has been like growing up in kenya. I like visualizing a lot and meditating on things. Apparently githeri is a kenyan meal and it is rare to get it in another country. People think Ugali is what brings the uniqueness to Kenyan meals but naah…Ugali exist even in South Africa but of course Kenyans have a bigger appetite for it than any other country. If you want to get on Kenyans nerves just cut off the supply of maize flour and you will feel the full venom of Kenyans. Without Ugali it is like a Kenyan has not eaten. Some foreigners I have met like our food but others like West Africans don’t fancy our meals, they prefer their plantain and fufu.


We are among the leaders in Africa when it comes to tweeting and spreading gossip on social media. Kenyans adopt these new technology in a snap of a finger. We are so sophisticated that any trending app will be on our phone even before we read the privacy policy, do guys even read those things before downloading apps. I mean I can’t recall even the policy for the most popular social site, anyway that is a Kenyan for you. And Someone once said  that we are arrogant – which is not true considering that our hospitality is quite good in comparison to some of our neighbors.

And we love sports, we are known for Rugby and athletics but what you will find in a Kenyan closet is mostly an Arsenal or Chelsea jersey. Those two teams enjoy massive support in our land. I must say the Chelsea jerseys are just too many. The uptown Kenyans are into Rugby and a few like me are into basketball – NBA fans can’t be left behind. I must stress on the fact that we are crazy about local football, I literally stopped following football because I couldn’t keep up plus I just can’t match up the energy of KPL fans. I once had an article on how crazy sports fans can get in Kenya. Check it out if you missed it.


Kenyans are quite hustlers and they don’t mind hitting the airport to follow their dreams. If they can’t see a chance by staying around, they will hop into planes in search of greener pastures.  That is all good considering that people of our origin have held great positions in other parts of the world. And we are quite bold, we have made some hard decisions in the past as a nation.


Yeah, we have all kinds of tribes in Kenya. If a Kenyan doesn’t know you by name, he is likely to refer you by the tribe you resemble…”ati yule boy anakaa mluhya” or “you are talking about that kamba chic”…lol… that’s just Kenyans for you. As for me, my tribe  is Kenya au sio… besides you must come from somewhere, Kenyans don’t come from the moon so there is nothing wrong with any particular tribe.


I can go on and on about this, I love afrobeats and the Kenyan sound is quite good. We have some great vocalists around and we can create good hooks. The music industry is lucrative nowadays and we are seeing lots of hits coming out each day. I am not a good dancer but when a Kenyan hit plays in a club, I must try and move my body just for the love of our stuff…halafu kuna ile verse inasemanga “baby niko instagram check out my handle“…haha…it is my favorite line.

Continue building the nation….cheers

Slade scarface



By Slade Jeff

I am a zen, I love this life plus a lot of wine..I will keep your days filled with interesting content. I am also pro-brands, I tell stories about them at a fair price, let me put in a good word for you. Contact me through for business.

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