Avoiding Cheating as a Young Man (In my 20s)

I know you are already cheating bruh so just change the title to ‘how to manage’ cheating. Actually that is how I wanted to put it. This is a man’s blog all the way up and I am always forward with men, at least we don’t catch feelings easily. The thing is this with cheating, everybody is bound to cheat, the temptation is always there, it takes a lot of discipline and maturity for one not to stray….that is a quality you might still not have in your 20s unless you’ve had a solid upbringing like me, most men are not that strong to resist beauty…I mean you are just a man – even the strongest men in history went astray so who are you. A lady once told me that there is no wise man when it comes to women and you know what, she was right. My dating coach added by saying most men can’t think beyond their dicks and he was also damn right. Actually it’s nature of the beast to want to shag anything that pass in skirt…you have raging hormones at this stage of your life and thus more prone to cheat, you just feel like doing it anytime and who am I to blame you…I can’t prevent you from sowing your wild oats and that is it. There is no other reason for cheating at this age apart from that BUT…there is a butt there that you will hurt when you go on a shagging rampage and so I have an interesting way of handling some of this stuff, follow my lead as I supply you with tactics on how to run things.


I gave guys some tactics here on how to stay a side nigga without causing any drama. It is somehow related to this…check it out here.

Please don’t make the mistake of offering your boyfriend candidacy to girls who you just want to hookup with, chics who didn’t even ask you to be their boyfriend in the first place. Why the fuck would you do that bro…the moment you go for exclusivity is when you will ruin everything. She will be disappointed when you introduce company later on and yet she thought she was the only one. It’s just like how you can go for a date and she comes along with her crew. That stuff is boring, unless they are going to give you a foursome later on y’knahmean.

From the onset just be casual about your affair with her, run it like an open relationship and if she asks you if there is another girl somewhere please say yes..in fact say many. I know she will understand and appreciate your honesty. And by the way who told you that girl you just approached want a boyfriend? who? these girls want to bang with no strings attached just like you and you are all here tying yourself down with empty promises of being a faithful loving boyfriend. That is one way of hurting girls. Promising shit you can’t deliver. Don’t do it.

I don’t care if a girl I am hanging out with is seeing other niggas, that is none of my business. I am advising you to stay off that boyfriend vibe if you want to have happy ex-girlfriends. Do you see people in developed nations inviting their exes to their weddings? Why do you think so? Because they are quite open in their ways of dating, they breakup in style and they date without all these empty promises and hypocrisy. If you are a guy with many options, just let her know that chics flock around you and sometimes you don’t mind banging them period. These open relationships help avoid lots of heartache and unnecessary feuds.

Let’s assume you are reading this stuff when you are already in an affair. That’s all good but if you want to cheat and you are in a relationship, just get out. Just let it go bro. It simply mean you don’t care about it anymore and unless you are in a marriage, just slide off. Nobody will blame you for protecting someone’s feeling. If you ever feel like you are going to hurt someone it is better to avoid it but the best recipe is having an open relationship considering that you are still in your 20s with the rest of your life ahead of you…what’s the stress for anyway? I mean these are your whore years for crying out loud…have all the fun.

Nice time!

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