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Guys who went to that Rick Ross concert were expecting to hear two words “ima boss” and then “huh” because those are like his trademark words. I didn’t go so I won’t know but I am damn sure he dropped those words many times.I mean any famous rapper has some words they can be related to. For Wu-tang clan it was the word ‘C.R.E.A.M’ from their massive hit…it means Cash Rules Everything Around Me. Over the years many rappers have quoted that line. The song was talking about how money makes things go round and how it is the motivation for most things we do. Actually most things we do as men is for money and of course women come second. Very few men are always down to dedicate their lives in serving humanity and the few that take that line are actually considered heroes because they sacrifice a lot of leisure things to ensure a better world. Kudos to such men.

Of course you are likely to encounter some words like on a daily basis as you hustle and try to get things going. Those are just famous words with many meanings. Let’s look at some of the words you are likely to get in the field and the meaning behind them. Some of them are quite boring and overused though.


Who hasn’t been told this?? you are likely to get this from an interview or a business call you just made. Sometimes someone calls you and ask lots of questions and then tell you that “thanks for your response, I will get back to you”. Well, when you hear these famous words, all you can do is say “sure I shall wait” or “okay get back to me” and hope they will call back. If it is something important you will follow up a few days later. Sometimes they usually get back to you. If it is a hustle you are trying to get somewhere, they can sometimes give you a time frame or you can demand they give you one like “if you don’t hear from us within this period, just know your stuff didn’t go through”


I like this one, it is a ‘maybe’ kind of answer. Guys we all know this come from chics. Like ladies have to find something new to tell us instead of this boring word. Nitakushow ama nitaona inabore sana. When you get this word, just know she ain’t hooked on you yet. The worst thing for us men is someone second guessing your potential, it is really annoying and it is like now you have to prove yourself. There are many responses to this one. The best one is to ask for a better answer or tell her to give you something you can work with or just text another girl…next her bruh. If you are a gentleman you can laugh it off and then suggest what you wanted..


Really? it’s nothing? and of course the other person is always like “sure it is not a big deal”. Well, sometimes it is nothing actually and people are just trippin for no reason but if it comes out like “if you don’t want it then it is okay, it is nothing” that is something right there. It depends with the context of the situation. If it is valentines and you didn’t get her a flower, it ain’t nothing bruh, chics care about those small things. You will be surprised about lots of things you don’t care about that some people find important.


I have had this thrown at me a million times. I didn’t know the world is such a scary place. You can be scared of everything but please don’t fear life. You just have one life and you got to live it. Man must live no matter what. And of course don’t step out with fear in your mind, thinking about all the things that can go wrong. It will be alright. They say life happens but we just move on. Even the big book says “fear not for I am with you…says the Lord” something like that I suppose, it’s been a while since I read it.


Hehe…this is a very interesting one, it usually comes at the end of a relationship. The bigger person who don’t mind taking the blame is the one who spits it out. The funny thing about this word is that it is very clear you mean the other person is the problem and it is like you are protecting their feelings and you hope they believe these words. Very shallow words there and I don’t know who will believe such…I can’t buy these words however dumb I am because it is clear you mean I am the problem so just shut up and leave…

And to end it all, we get told lots of things and we say lots of stuff, just read between the lines…

Happy Labour Day


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