A Date With Cougars

Do you find older women attractive son? I know you do, it is normal for men in their 20s to find older mamas in 30s and 40s quite attractive. The funny thing is that when these men reach 40s, their fantasies change and they start to fancy young girls in 20s (i.e they become sponsors). In 20s you are likely to admire older women because they are more emotionally stable and less dramatic than the young girls you have dealt with. And they don’t even play those silly games young chics like. But this here is a taboo topic, a no-go zone only bloggers like slade jeff can write about because I give everything but a f**k. I mean how do you even tell your hommies that you are flirting with a woman in her 40s, it just doesn’t sound right. It sends chills down the spine. The other side of it is when she is the one who made the approach, damn, it sounds even extra scary especially if you were raised in a morally upright way.

These kind of affairs have been called out as immoral. Of course they don’t sound right because of the age gap but it depends on how you look at it. How old is old? If a lady is older than you by more than 10 years then it might seem a bit off but if she is just 3 or 5 years older than you, you can still hit it right?


This matters a lot, what moves you boy? What makes a young nigga go for an older woman? Is it paper or just exploring life? The answer to that I don’t know but if you are with her because of the latter, then it is okay. But if it is because of the mulla then you might need some focus. You should learn to make money bruh. Run errands in town and get the green. There is no discipline in being taken care of like a baby. Although if I had a girl who offered to spoil me, I would just chill and have fun with it. I have discovered that young men nowadays avoid dating broke chics too. It is both ways, just the same way ladies avoid broke niggas like a plague so have I seen hommies go for chics specifically because the girl is loaded to heels. Who wants a broke ass with this unstable economy anyway.

You are lazy if you have a cougar because you need money. If the cougar is the one offering you money, well it is up to you two but at this age I feel guilty when I receive any money that I haven’t worked for. It is always good to provide for yourself, you feel proud when you do that plus there is a lesson you learn by paying your bills. I hear some guys get offered money by women just for sex, actually that is what many cougar relationships looks like. I usually think they are lucky but again a close friend to one of my friends caught HIV by sleeping around with these old cougars. That is not fun anymore, it is deadly. You can get HIV anywhere if you whore around so I won’t put that on cougars. But if you are coloring with someone because of paper, you are definitely not the first one so you might want to stay safe. Bang your cougar with condoms. You don’t raw dog someone who has more than 10 years on you in the game…yea? It is funny how some people think they are HIV proof. That shit will eat you up young nigga, buckle up and stay safe when you ride cougars.


On cougars’ side, it is these young niggas who sometimes lure them into affairs. I agree because it is the man who always lead the relationship. An older lady is bound to get high-esteem that young men still find her hot. Cougars though cannot claim to be vulnerable to the charms of young studs, everybody in a cougar relationship is responsible for whatever is going on, actually they all chose to be there.

And as I am writing all this taboo topic I hope your cougar is single. You can play all you want with her if she is single and free but if she is married, you are treading in dangerous waters my brother in fact you are swimming in an ocean full of sharks and crocodiles and you can get eaten at anytime. You can even be shot by moving around with these married cougars. It is very risky, run nigga…run (snoop dogg’s voice).

In comparison to young chics, of course playboys claim cougars are more mature and easy to handle than their younger counterparts who are still obsessed with social media likes. A cougar has no time for games and they know what they want in life, in fact their lives are already together. All they need from you is a strong consistent dick…oops. We have yoga nowadays, cardio exercises and green tea and with money, these cougars can afford to look sexy just like your pretty girl. Actually some cougars can give young girls a run for their money…true story.


I am on the side of adventure in these relationships. If you are just curious of that feeling of being with a young man again or trying an older chic, then it is cool. You never know what you like in dating unless you try. I used to think I don’t like short girls because I am a tall nigga but with time I have come to appreciate them. They can be quite something despite their petite frames…lol.

With dating you can try old, tall, short, dark, yellow, light skin, chocolate, slim, curvy, fat, lean, smart, blonde, brunette and whatever else is out there before you get to really know what you like…

Nice week!

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By Slade Jeff

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