Girl ‘n’ Friend

I don’t mean a threesome…judging by the title. I know it is Friday and guys are in that mood.

This is for ladies who are our friends.

Note ‘friends’ not those who ‘friend-zoned’ us.

No man ever take the friendzone offer believe me unless he is a wuss. You try to friendzone a badass like me I bang your cousin or best friend…lol. I am talking about girls we met in our lives and there was no other hidden agenda but just well-wish for each other. Genuity. We just became ‘boys’ with them, the dope bitches, girls who think like men, I mean a girl who is your hommie. In hip hop they say ‘ma down bitch, the ones who live by the code’. Very few girls make the cut for friends with men.

We highly value these girls as men, these are girls we trust more than our girlfriends. And why won’t we? These girls know us better than our girlfriends. There is a lot of information that girlfriends try to fish from us that these girls know about. You wonder how? You can easily show your vulnerabilities and weaknesses to a female friend because she ain’t a threat. We don’t tell girlfriends everything neither do we answer to all parts of their texts. We choose what we answer to and even when they speak, we choose what to listen to. Trust me girlfriends don’t give a fuck about your problems as a man and don’t ever think it is attractive to tell them your issues. Besides, your girlfriend is not a therapist and so why bother her with your issues? I know by this point some of you are already saying it is emotional cheating and lack of trust. No, it is none of that, it is just that unique bond you can have with a certain girl that you have never had with anyone not even your girlfriend. Your chic is probably jealous of such female friends. Like if you would have an additional sister it would be her and vice versa.

Most men don’t really trust their male friends. We feel like niggas can flip on us in a second. I share those sentiments, I was litsening to some lyrics in ‘these days‘ a song by Nate Dogg ft. Daz and Daz dropped some bars “gottaa watch my back for these coppers…as well as these niggas that i kick it with…they will stick you faster than these bitches will“. Those are some gold bars right there. It is funny how women also feel like men are very good as friends but can be dangerous as lovers. Many girls would try to have lots of male friends and hangers-on. Some to even carry their handbags, that I can’t do.  I have no issue with female friends as long as it is based on mutual respect. I go crazy when I sense disrespect…actually I don’t care when I have been violated, my mood changes so fast like the Nairobi weather. Women can be good friends though, they make really great companions and can teach you things you can never learn by yourself


She is probably a tomboy if she is that cool, you know the type of chics you watch football with, lift weights with and play pool with. Tomboys have lots of male friends because of their traits. they get men, I have had chics tell me how hard they are trying to understand men but just can’t seem to crack them. Men are simple…they think sex, beer, football and money in no particular order of course. Whichever among those he place first on his priority list tells you what he is all about. If he place money on top, it means he is a hustler and probably ambitious, always down for the dough. If he place sex above everything else, it is still good that he likes sex but he might need a bigger purpose in life than getting laid. I don’t know about beer and football but those just come naturally to most men. I was told every man should at least be a fan of one sport. That’s is how I ended up as a basketball fan.

Tomboys are very relatable to us due to their masculine ways. The same way feminine guys have lots of female friends so does tomboys have lots of males around them.

I have been following the conversations in the media about married guys finding themselves in platonic relationships with females who are not their spouses. I don’t judge but maybe they lack a friend at home. Although such kind of affairs are dangerous. I am talking about normal friendship here.

Have you ever seen a chic who is not hot but has a lot of guys around her? And you wonder how? Well just observe her keenly. She must be open and very inviting. Men don’t approach girls that are attractive, they approach those who seem approachable. The ones smiling, giggling and with an open body language. This is opposite for females, women prefer more serious looking guys with a defensive body language, such guys look protective. It shows an armor. In fact men shouldn’t even smile, just put a grin on your face. This is something I have experimented on so don’t argue here, men who giggle like little girls don’t make sense, they are too friendly and unmanly. I have a killer smile but I don’t wear it, like what is there to smile about in this cold world. Although every time I smile, a turtle is born…true story.

Ever had a female friend dude? you ought to have many. Playboys and some dating gurus argue that a man can never be truly friends with a girl without something going on. In the process one person is bound to develop feelings and fall for the other. That is something I agree on, many guys secretly wish to bang their female friends. Especially that moment when you start thinking she is hot, that is how you start crushing on her.

To friendship!

slade scarface

By Slade Jeff

I am a zen, I love this life plus a lot of wine..I will keep your days filled with interesting content. I am also pro-brands, I tell stories about them at a fair price, let me put in a good word for you. Contact me through for business.


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