“Men and their big egos mmmhhh”

You’ll hear ladies say the above.

I have a big ego (pointing at my pants).

If you are referring to that ego then every man has a big ego. Who has a small one??

Seriously though; jobs, relationships, businesses, opportunities etc. have been lost by us men due to big egos….again success have been achieved due to the same.

So is it bad to have an ego? Nope

Is it good to have an ego? Maybe

I mean what are some of the things you tell yourself as a man out of that three letter word?

  1. That you are smarter and know better than your woman? slap yourself bro, she is smarter than you think, in fact the head of national intelligence should be a woman.
  2. That you have the baddest skills between the sheets and every girl you banged went home happy? slap yourself even harder, every man believes they are great in bed until their girlfriend decides to speak…you will hear a completely different version.
  3. That you are a great unique man and possess some special skills and nobody can replace you? lol, think again, champions get knocked out every day. Although it is good to feel this way, you will act like that.
  4. That you have three legs? lol, no man want to believe otherwise…anyway unless you hear it from a whore. Only a thot who has been around the block can confirm this…lol.
  5. That you are strong and can even knock out superman with one blow? haha, how often do you work out, go to a serious gym in some parts of eastlands and you will realise you have no strength, you will see tougher guys with more resilience.
  6. That you are going to be great in life, in fact you will be a billionaire? you should believe this, in fact you should have more of such ambitions. Just put some action. This is not a bad one.
  7. That you can get the baddest bitch in this town? lol, unless you have some serious game and fundamentals, you better stop dreaming.
  8. That other men are scared of you? Not everybody is scared of you bruh, in fact you are too small for some people they won’t even notice you if you pass by.
  9. That you are hard and you’ve been through it all in life? Well, untill you meet some people who’ve lived 101 lives in less than 20 years. There are guys who’ve been through the full cycle of life even before puberty and you are here thinking you have seen shit…you ain’t done seen things naahh.
  10. That you are a gift to women, in fact every woman finds you amazing? huh, to some women you are just another guy…just one of those guys. You can’t get them all bro.
  11. That you have haters? Not really, you are flirting yourself. What do you have for you to attract haters?…you just met people who won’t fuck with your bullshit…lol.



Not really, I have never seen the importance of being too humble and safe at all times. Men are wild at heart and daring. There is something about that aura of being dangerous.

We can’t just ignore humility though, a little bit of it is good. But if you are starting out just be a little arrogant, or I would say confident. Confidence sounds better but some arrogance for the start is advisable.

So what do you do if you realize you have a big ego? simple, back it up with merit. It doesn’t make sense thumping your chest out and you have no proof…it is like a soldier going to a battle without an armor. They say if you can prove it then it is authentic.

We don’t have to lose hustles and chances because of egos, men don’t play diva bruh oh, some do. It depends on what context though. Sometimes you just feel like you deserve better or you can do bigger things, that is cool. A good ego makes you feel like you can conquer the world. A bad one makes you feel like you are invisible. Who is? apart from Slade Jeff…lol.

You can let me know about your alter egos…I am still researching on that…

Have an ego-less weekend…




By Slade Jeff

I am a zen, I love this life plus a lot of wine..I will keep your days filled with interesting content. I am also pro-brands, I tell stories about them at a fair price, let me put in a good word for you. Contact me through for business.

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