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Well, so you’ve been throwing naughty emojis at each other on whatsapp and you’ve decided to now organise for a fair exchange over a night. Damn, it is a good experience to get a chic coming to your place for a whole night date. However, for a successful sleepover to happen and everybody to wake up in the morning with a smile, there are some stuff you want to put in place to make sure the whole thing becomes a wonderful experience.


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I don’t mean other things. What is your bed size? can it accommodate two people comfortably? And your blanket? big enough for two I suppose. Most guys have small or even medium sized beds just enough for them and this sleepover can turn into a very uncomfortable one with such a bed. Remember that most of our African ladies are big in size or rather curvy so they might need more space. For you to smash and roll her over while changing positions all night you need enough space to play your dirty games. If your bed is small just plan for a normal romp where you finish and she goes back home. Sleepover is different because she will need to be comfortable both physically and psychology at your place. So try and have a comfy and spacious bed if you are planning for such a whole night dance.


You have to eat well bro, banging the whole night ain’t no joke plus we all know these Nairobi chics have a big appetite…yea both in the kitchen and between the sheets. They will eat the hell out of you and thus you need to eat well in order to feed their hunger. And take lots of water, you are equally going to lose a lot while at it.



You will need a lot of condoms if you are going at it for like 6 or 8 hours. I have to insist on guys using this all the time. She can also carry some in her bag. There is no shame. There is nothing worse than running out of protection while at it. It might force you to go raw which is so risky. On the same point, you need to keep your condoms within reach, just on top of your bed where you can just stretch your arms and pick. You don’t want to keep them so far like a walking distance from your bed. It is inconveniencing so make work easier. Leaving a horny girl to walk to another part of the room to get protection is just boring.


Make sure she agrees to be coming over specifically for the D. And you also have to be ready to give the D. Not just offer but put it down like it is 1999. Some men get gun-shy at the last minute due to performance anxiety. However, there is no torture to a man bigger than having a chic lie next to you the whole night and nothing is happening. Flirt with her and have her agree to bang before she comes over. You don’t want to get into unnecessary negotiations when she is at your place because she hadn’t agreed to the plan or you suddenly got shy. She’s got to come over ready to be eaten and ready to eat you too.


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At her place or yours? my hommie, this thing is safer at your place. She might be having a crazy possessive boyfriend or an entitled sponsor who comes to her place often just to make sure no other man is taking over. So, to stay on the safe side, have her agree to come over instead of you going to her place. Avoid her house at all cost.

So far you both know what to do, let me flip the coin and tell you what not to do.


Some chics have big voices and we appreciate that. They can hit the high notes when you hit it hard but please try to keep your voice down. Don’t roar like a tractor that is stuck in mud on some road in western Kenya. Men have had to look for houses the following day because the neighbors complained of too much noise at night. Plus we have nosy neighbors who will be looking at you funnily in the morning. Discretion is key. This exchange is between two people. And Nobody has to know.


There is this habit of sleeping with someone at night and then you wake up in the morning and they are not there. They left without alerting you. And then later in the day you realize you have lost an item. They took it. So sad indeed. The sleepover turns into a nightmare at that point. On the other hand, you have to keep your things safe if you got someone coming over for the first time. All in all, I advise guys to avoid a sleepover for the first time. At least it should be with someone you know very well. I have had some of my boys lose stuff. Even chics get stolen from. Not cool at all. Let’s love it and leave it better for next time.

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