Dubai Desert Comes Close with the rise of Adventure Business

My cousin has an adventure company and I think three contacts on my WhatsApp timeline runs these safaris businesses. I can’t help but notice how many young Nairobians have been attracted to the adventure business. For my cousin it started with him going to Congo with some friends; I thought he was just out there having fun but of late I have seen him organizing lots of tours and having people pay for them.

I am not much of a traveller, I haven’t had time to experience the magical Kenya or rather the big East Africa but I have seen some really cool places I would love to try. So what is the notion behind the sudden interest in these Adventures? I can’t really put a finger on it but the world is just a global village. Staying in the same place for a whole year without some fresh experience is just boring to guys.

And unlike in the old days when guys would just visit Maasai Mara, there seems to be new discovered spots that guys have grown into when it comes to travelling. And some of them are the least you would expect someone to think of when it comes to adventure. But I guess that is what adventure is all about, trying new places. And one such place is the Dubai desert.

I am yet to understand how visiting a desert is considered cool? But I think it is a different kind of desert, I see some unique sand on it. Guys drive through that desert with those four wheeled fuel guzzling motorbikes. Or what are they? I have no idea, I am yet to drive those mini hammers.

The tourism in Dubai is different because what I hear from people is that it is artificial tourism i.e they make Islands, they make buildings that rotate and whatever else you can think of. I suspect they made those deserts too. So why won’t I visit Kalahari desert instead of a cool Dubai desert? The answer is that Kalahari doesn’t have cool camels and motors to cruise you around. I am just guessing though, I am yet to see some photos of a person enjoying good times in our African Kalahari desert.

Our famous islands like Migingo and Rusinga does not even come to mind when you think of travelling. However, we have Lamu. I have seen guys try Lamu a lot when it comes to holidaying. I am yet to explore it but from what I see, it looks like a laidback place I would visit some day.

So the adventure business is booming and that means lots of options for someone who wants to try travelling. When there is variety, prices become affordable and many people can access the offers in the market.

It is good to explore. Everything is about discovery and let these adventure firms help you find new places. And interests.

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By Slade Jeff

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