Flat tummy craziness; everyone has belly fat

I mean everybody struggles with getting rid of lower belly fat. The hardest muscle to tone in the body. Can I tell you the good news again, edit that heading to ‘everybody has some six pack’, including chics. But there is a stubborn layer of fat on your core that remain stuck there like a dictator in power. You can pull all kinds of power exercises for years, develop each muscle in your body except that pot on your under belly.

Did I say everybody has a tummy? 95 percent of people has some layer of fat on their lower abdomen when they sit down. Now there are guys with good genes. They are born with tight abs. Most of them are thin guys from a young age. They don’t have to read this article. Unless they want to develop abs. Because well-toned abs are made in the gym.

I am not an instructor, this is sort of a mindset towards belly fat issues. It is the most esteem lowering part of the body for many people. I have been to the gym for a while and if you ask guys what they are looking for, they just point at their tummies “I want it to go” they would say that.

When you visit a fashion shop, you would see guys trying to fit all sizes of dresses and trousers but they keep checking their belly to see if it is popping out. With some belly, it is difficult to fit in your favorite dresses or shirts.

This stubborn fat is not only a concern for chics, even we men have a problem with it, and yeah I consider myself a man at this point. Mine is not there. It has never been there. I have a swimmer’s body. Broad shoulders and abs. And I have been working out since I was 17 years. Morning runs, gym, yoga etc I have been there done that so I can’t complain of fat. God blessed me with great genes. However, I have had to work out other parts of my body. No one is born with tattoos and nice muscles that you see on TV.

Some of this belly fat problems has to do with diet choices. Too much junk and fatty foods leads to a bulging stomach. Some of it is genetics. Some people have big bodies. At times it is childbirth, we can’t blame you for that. Child birth leaves you with some tummy. So what’s the solution?


Yea, planks. Just go down on your fours, then move to a high push up position, support your body with your elbows. Then come up to high push up with your left hand, go down to your elbows and come up with your right hand this time…okay just check this out for simplicity. I told you I am not a fitness instructor, I am just hyping myself up. But I know planks are good for strengthening your core muscles.

Another option is the use of a Swiss ball.  You can ask your trainer to help you with this ball. It is good for toning abs.


I am not attacking your eating habits but a mega diet change can work. You can work out your entire life but with a junk diet much won’t change. Again, I am not a nutritionist but I am very resourceful, I know that you can make a diet plan and see some changes. Drink lots of water instead of soda and beer, lots of vitamins, plant proteins, milk products, fish instead of meat etc. You are what you eat. But there is always a cheat day when you do pizza and sausages.

Good eating habits is developed slowly just like any habit. I am sort of lazy by nature but of late, or normally I would push myself to work hard. I have found myself doing lots of small positive things with my time.


For me tea is tea. I was born in the village so I don’t know what this green tea means. The first time I heard about it I thought it was strong tea because that is how it is made in the village, with leaves and sugar. It comes out smelling so nice. The whole village can feel the smell from your kitchen when you cook your tea with those leaves.

But the type of tea I am talking about here is made of camellia sinensis leaves. That sounds like a botanical name.  But just to simplify your life, just go to an online shop like Jumia and order some of it.


My friend’s girl once pressured him to buy her a slimming belt. I tell you chics are crazy with their tummies. And he ended up buying it. I don’t know how these belts work but I also hear that if you constantly pull your belly inside it can help in reducing the tummy with time. Always pulling your belly inside can be a tough task and I guess that is where the belt comes in, to just hold your tummy in place. You can purchase them online and see. I am sure chics have them.


I am not a doctor but some of my recommendations can help you a little. And just get a good instructor. You will have to sweat a little. Apart from leg workouts, I don’t know what other muscle is painful when working out like the core muscle. I have seen guys cry, tears of pain and joy when working their core…oops.

Movies and hip hop music videos have promoted abs. showing us chics with tiny waists and pretty asses. It is like a trend. A 21st century standard for beauty. Having a big belly was associated with wealth and comfort among men back in the 90s. But this century is all about hitting the gym and toning up. I am still competing with my friends and brothers on who has the best six packs. We don’t compete on who has the biggest tummy. I want to compete on who has the most money some day!

Call me papito

By Slade Jeff

I am a zen, I love this life plus a lot of wine..I will keep your days filled with interesting content. I am also pro-brands, I tell stories about them at a fair price, let me put in a good word for you. Contact me through japhethsylvester1@gmail.com for business.

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