Boys! Would you put your girlfriend on a monthly salary?

Money…a five letter noun that makes the world go round. Team boychild have been totally against spending even a dime on females. If you are coming for a date, bring yourself, I am not sending any fare kind of attitude. If you want nu shoes and clothes, just buy them alone. Use what you can afford. However, as I interact with many men who are moneyed or rather have some means, they think that it is okay to introduce money at some point in the relationship. Some of my boys see nothing wrong with spending some money on your girl from time to time.

But something else I am getting is that some men decide to put their women on remuneration i.e salary + benefits. It is not like sponsoring where a guy is seeing some gal on the side and he is paying for her upkeep. In this case you are dating this chic as your main and paying her a monthly stipend of let’s say 100k. Or sometimes you are even living with her and paying her like a personal assistant. A secretary that works under you y’knahmean. That sounds like a good deal right there.


I was talking to a friend, a guy in his late 40s who had a lady. He likes dating ladies in late 20s and early 30s and he told me of a chic he had. He wasn’t supporting this gal financially and she seems to just be okay with his company. He lives a big life like Dj Khaled though. But some other men came around and offered this gal a deal of a relationship and a monthly salary. The gal of course took the deal and ended the relationship with my late 40s friend. Better something little than nothing I guess.

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So what’s the motivation behind putting your woman on a salary? It is like finances still remains a big part of relationships. What the boys are saying is this though. That just like in politics or employment, you are exchanging two values. Politicians apparently buy support in regions where they are weak. I am not a political analyst though, so let me just stick to my stories.

Everyone has a price

Actually everything has a price. But when it comes to people, there is usually more. You can’t really put peoples value in money, actually you can. The way Forbes magazine does, they look at your assets including your wife and estimate that as a couple or a family you are worth this or that amount. I think I am worth over 100k considering my skills and talents. And I am talking dollars here. If you have that you can hire me as whatever you want. But my body has no price. Slade has a body like a rock star. I am priceless. Look at my awesome body in this video.

You see the way footballers are sold or put on market. Or the way slaves, I mean our forefathers would be put on offer during the 17th century. Back then if you were strong, had some skills like carpentry then you would be traded like a piece of meat to the highest offer. Don’t say you can’t be bought. I might just buy you.

It is important to know your worth if you would be selling yourself to opportunities out there. And I mean your worth in terms of skills. I don’t mean peddling flesh here. Even strippers don’t sell flesh only, they are also selling a skill. Dancing. Do you think they sell sex? Not really, they dance erotica. How many people can dance like a stripper or a ballet dancer? Very few. Pole dancing is not a cheap act. And it takes so much work to be that sexy. I am just looking at it from a different angle. I am selling my writing skills here.

If your gal is a good home keeper; cooking good food, and she is looking after the household and raising well-mannered kids, you can pay her that stipend bro. For me, I would suggest you pay with something else like a trip to Zanzibar etc. But I am not married, I might mislead you. Just pay that salary if you want.


There is one thing you shouldn’t really buy or rather sell and that is dignity. You. Just. Can’t. Leave people’s dignity intact.

To the highest bidders!

By Slade Jeff

I am a zen, I love this life plus a lot of wine..I will keep your days filled with interesting content. I am also pro-brands, I tell stories about them at a fair price, let me put in a good word for you. Contact me through for business.

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