Living a good life in 20s

What determines if something is good or not. The word good is relative depending on whom you ask. But I will just dictate what it means to live a good life in Africa. Or one that can be said to be good.

Kenya or Africa generally is not meant for lavish living. We just survive. Just look at the weather in our continent, it can kill you. The sun alone will dry fry you. And when it decides to rain, it floods. And who are these people who claim to have lived a good life in Africa? You are smart, you are loyal. And in fact you deserve a medal. How did you do it? I have been trying to live that life for a while. But being in my 20s, I won’t really say I have lived my full life. In fact I have lived just a quarter of my life considering that I will live over 100 years. I respect my parents and thus biblically my days on earth shall be long. That is not blasphemy, it is written in the big book. Damn, I already sound like a religion blogger.

But of course we all know that for life to be good and not bad, there has to be some things in it. Some spice to give it taste and class. These are the things that can make your life really interesting in your 20s. I like writing these in my 20s articles in respect to my age. I am not yet an OG. I think 20s is such a sexy age group to be in.


How do you celebrate your small milestones? Your first salary at 24, your first start up client, your first cheque etc. with a glass of whisky of course or a milkshake, a Jameson may be because you are just starting out and you don’t want to spend it all on bottles. You need a shot once in a while. A little bit of liquor is okay. We live once as much there is tomorrow. Don’t let people fool you into believing that alcohol is bad and will send you to an early grave. The same people have other bad habits too, like taking too much sugar, overthinking, overworking out etc. What we are cautioned against is over drinking. In other words social drink. It is a better way of alcohol consumption.

Don’t underestimate your small wins. They are good for your esteem. You might think you are getting nowhere but even negotiating a successful deal of 5k is no mean feat. One day it will be a big one. So whisky please!


This is it. That which makes your 20s look like a rollercoaster. I have always enjoyed dating and connecting with the opposite sex. I am a lover I guess. Even though I fight a lot, the love in me just wins all the time. I won’t tell you to fight though…oh may be fight for a good life and a future but love the moment too.  There are some things you can only do in your 20s. I mean considering that you are still far from marriage, you can have many baes, you are not cheating as such, you are just feeling out people.  You won’t have that allowance when you get to 3rd floor. In your 30s I think you will have other concerns like marriage etc.

Don’t even think about settling down in your 20s. In fact I can even go further by saying that no one should marry before 30. You will just be throwing your youth away. But who am I to tell people what to do with their lives. I am just a blogger. Enjoy your youth, that’s the message I want to pass across…I mean enjoy what is right before you instead of worrying too much. We all know that too much worrying in your 20s leads to quarter life crisis. Something I almost suffered from but I dodged.

Have random sex…no have sex at times. Use condoms though. I don’t think sex alone can make you happy. Sex is good but I think it is overrated at times. Too much of it is just boring like anything. Have it in portions. But if you have a high sex drive, I release you to go ravishing. I can’t tame people’s sex drive.


I think there is some need for friendship for your life to be good. I didn’t value friends for a long time.  But as I get older, I have given them a little consideration. I think a good life needs some strong friends in it. I must say relationships are hard for us in our 20s because you are still learning life and getting to know people. You are also discovering things about yourself, good things. I just discovered that I am into cars. It is either a discovery or a crisis I got into. I hope it is a discovery.

So get a boys club. We have seen OGs have a boys club that looks like a golf club. My boys club at the moment is just full of hustlers; salesmen and brokers not broke ass. I mean they don’t do sales as such but I see them selling things on their Whatsapp status.

And what is a good friend? It’s millennials who keep complaining on social media of fake friends. I see some of my friends are very low in empathy, they don’t even pay for dates:) just imagine. I can’t drop a friend because he doesn’t pay for dates or succumb to other useless demands of the society.  Other friends we have are flakey etc. these are small mistakes that I can survive with. What people forget is that their friends have a different mental model at times. You can be religious but your friend is an atheist, he has watched the big bang theory. And you watch Joel Osteen. He believes there is luck, and you believe in miracles. May be you are heterosexual. And they are metrosexual.


What is a life without a purpose? People have been told to find a purpose. I would say explore your talents. Mine is writing humor. In another life I would be a politician. Or may be a lawyer. I find them quite entertaining and powerful. Purpose gives you a reason for living like why do you even exist in the first place? You don’t just live to eat, sleep, pay taxes and repeat. That is what I am talking about. If you are a good dancer, damn I won’t mind a lap dance. If you are a great painter, paint it like Picasso. Don’t just paint nudes only.


Money oohh. Money makes the world go round. I hope by now you know that money is almost everything. Whatever old people try to tell us that money is not everything is just crap. You need some money to live a good life. I won’t pretend that money doesn’t make life a little bit easier. All that bullshit I talked about in the beginning; Friends, whisky, dating, you can’t really have them without money. Yes you can but it will be easier if you have money. You can buy friends with mula, the fake ones. But at least the whisky will be original.

So, to a good life!

By Slade Jeff

I am a zen, I love this life plus a lot of wine..I will keep your days filled with interesting content. I am also pro-brands, I tell stories about them at a fair price, let me put in a good word for you. Contact me through for business.

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