Signs you are too old for your age

Actually mature is the right word. Being old is a must…you add years automatically.

You can start feeling like you are too mature considering the number of years you have lived or survived on this planet earth. By mature I mean being able to make wise decisions and sound judgments and see things with an experienced eye. I don’t mean having 4 kids. And definitely not being too serious for life. Never lose that child in you boy. Now, if you have considered everything around you; you don’t have babies yet, you are not past 33, you ain’t married as such BUT you still feel like you are just a fossil or an archive or a soldier who fought for independence, well you might be a young OG. And these are the signs that you might have grown way too fast.

YOU date older people

You are 25 but your boyfriend or galfriend is 34 and they have not enticed you into that relationship with gifts and pizzas and bottles of vodka. You just decided to date them despite having options of dating your fellow age mates. You find your age mates too childish for a relationship. In fact your age mates disgust you a lot and sound more like your little siblings. My age mates bore me to death but I am not dating an older person…hell naah!

You have a big job at a young age

You are 27 but you are section manager at work with 15 subordinates. In fact your junior staffs are older than you by 10 years. You wonder how? Sometimes you wonder where they were all those years. They think you are lucky to have found such an opportunity at a young age. But nope, you didn’t have a godfather like don Corleone or did some miracle to get there. You just worked hard, earned your masters and hustled with ambition and intellect till the top. I salute you if you are such a person. I am the manager of this blog.

You have older friends

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Related to the first point of this piece but if you find it hard to relate with your age mates i.e they just irritate you with their inexperienced views of things, you might be too old for your age. If most of your friends are 5 or 10 years older than you, then you might be older than yourself. I use the word ‘might’ here because your hommies being older doesn’t necessarily mean that they are mature.  Age is just a number as they say.

You have no interest in meaningless conversations

Mature talk only. You do small talk and make grown up jokes like slade. You watch mature movies like james bond and not adult movies with porn stars. You discuss ideas and how you can improve your already awesome life. You do all these dope things with your life as your age mates still try to put their things together. In fact your hommies wonder how you put your shit together so fast. You are what they call ‘miracle child’ in the street.

People come to you for advice

You are like the chief whip or the godfather or the senior counsel. People of all ages come to seek your insights on important issues in their lives. I freak out when an older person ask me for advice, that shit makes me feel like I am an OG already. I don’t like that feeling. If the only thing an older person has ever asked you for is direction on the road, then you are still an infant. He was just lost trying to locate the chemist and not really in need of an important advice from you.

You have slept with many people

And you are not a whore or a manwhore.

Wait a second…just be easy for a minute and let me explain that if you are a dude or a gal in your mid 20s and you have dated a lot and been around the block and done all type of shit, you are just more experienced with people. Honestly speaking you have seen all kinds of things y’knahmean. You know people well if you have had many relationships. You have gathered lots of experiences by having multiple partners. This means you are very good at dealing with people because you have lots of reference points. Do you know something about sex, it opens your eyes. People are very vulnerable after sex and they open up on lots of shit…thank me later after sex.

You are a hustler

Or you started hustling at a young age, paying your first rent at 19…how did you do it?

You mean business. No bullshiting. You are down with the grind. You scramble through the forest looking for a living. You don’t waste time doing useless shit. Whatever you do, you put in some crazy effort. It is in you to hustle and provide for yourself and your loved ones. I salute you if you grind that hard…may you be blessed and be an inspiration to these young ones who have refused to grow up.

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And lastly on this awesome list;

Your parents are proud of you

And you are not even the first born or the last born who keeps them happy at home. You must have achieved more than your siblings. Or maybe you take good care of them. They can see that you are quick in doing things. You built them a new house. You don’t drink all your money with slay queens like that guy ombuna!

If your parents can’t stop telling people ooh that’s my son, oooh my daughter did that for me…mmmh you might be doing just fine.

And btw before I forget having grey hair in 20s doesn’t make you old, you are just stressed…

And to hell with that grown up shit…forever young!! Have a kick ass week. In case you will be moving houses or offices this end month, just use keja move.

Uncle slade

By Slade Jeff

I am a zen, I love this life plus a lot of wine..I will keep your days filled with interesting content. I am also pro-brands, I tell stories about them at a fair price, let me put in a good word for you. Contact me through for business.

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