Are millennials snowflakes?

Apparently we are considered soft by our father’s generation. People who would get employed when they are in third year in college. They didn’t have to apply for jobs and attend interviews and compete among hundreds of candidates. Wtf are you old guys talking about? We are tired by constant reminders of how unmanly our generation is.

You think we are not real men…well, you fed us pizza and processed juice and you still expect a tough generation.

Our father’s generation definition of a macho man is a guy who keeps mongrels and can hunt down and kill antelopes. And even kill lions. But things have changed nowadays, kill lions and KWS will throw you in jail for a very long time. You guys lived in a jungle, we live in the urban, and even the lions we have around have been tamed. There is no fun in killing dead things.

I agree that the men of this day have also been tamed, take away a man’s testosterone and he is dormant. Feed a nigga fries and those noddles and he cant last one round in a street brawl. That is a toothless dawg definitely. But we are manly in different ways.

We are keyboard warriors. We create empires online, not by fighting the neighboring communities and grabbing their lands like in the old days. We sell data and soft products. We don’t do hard tangible things.

The fibre optic and Netflix generation hustle differently from you old boys. You see for us netizens we don’t need all those big biceps and spear throwing ability to survive in this world. Our survival entails more of soft skills and less of physical strengths.

When we were young, my folks would give us a story of how our great grandpa killed a leopard in the bush by himself. That man was a legit bad boy.

Do you expect me to do that just to prove that I am a man? I am yet to even kill a cockroach.

And so what is a snowflake? I think I am even out of context.

According to urban dictionary, a snowflake is ‘someone who is easily hurt or offended by statements of others’ or let’s just say:

Millennials can’t take criticism or hate being corrected. And we are quite soft too.

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Well, I believe you can tell someone anything, it is how you say it, the tone matters. And the context too. And again, I am not a psychologist but if there is any outspoken generation, it is ours. I don’t know where people get these ideas that we are snowflakes.

Our parents’ generation would suffer in bad marriages because there was little empowerment and the institutions that made people feel safe like marriages and salaried jobs were worshipped.

Well, that does not work with us, we quit bad relationships like nonsense. We speak back to psychological abusers and we leave bad places. We are not snowflakes, we just know better. Information is just on our palms.

We are flakey?

Okay flakey doesn’t mean you are snowflake but it means you don’t show up on time, or may be never shows up at all. Or you keep rescheduling and whatever.

Millenials are very flakey indeed, they have priorities and unless you are of high importance, they will ghost your ass.

This is a ghosting generation. We dead shit that doesn’t matter just like that. Yes, we are not savage level like my great grandpa right there but we have our own digital savagery too.

We have some gangsta points too so don’t say we are snowflakes yet. Not just yet. We know what we are doing. I mean we have the information you old guys didn’t have.

To millennials!


By Slade Jeff

I am a zen, I love this life plus a lot of wine..I will keep your days filled with interesting content. I am also pro-brands, I tell stories about them at a fair price, let me put in a good word for you. Contact me through for business.

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