33 Important Things that men Forget to do in their lives

Men can be careless about small things that matter a lot to their lives or those around them. Our heads are usually focused on other seemingly important things like money and buying land than on things like calling an old friend or buying a new pair of boxers. Here’s a list of sweet things that men forget to do, not in a bad way. They can actually do these if reminded;

  1. Deworm. Just do it at least four times a year, men eat a lot from questionable vendors.
  2. Screen for STDs. Apart from HIV, men don’t screen for other STDs like syphilis and herpes that are more deadly.
  3. Screen for prostate cancer. I also don’t  like how they do it, but it’s important.
  4. Donate blood. And yet they are bloody as hell. Men have more pints.
  5. Seduce women. Most men don’t approach ladies, me too, I just want more money.
  6. Brush their teeth twice a day. After breakfast and after dinner. It sounds like a bit of kindergarten advice but guys don’t do it. You need white teeth like a snowman.
  7. Buy a new pair of boxers. You cant wear the same boxers for a whole year. Either way, I am not your girlfriend to say that…but I have to say it anyway.
  8. Buy some cool socks.
  9. Pray more. Men believe too much in themselves. You need the presence of God in your life.
  10. Donate to charity. Just pick one and sponsor it lowkey.
  11. Drink water. Most men don’t have a water bottle. Only beer bottles.
  12. Wear condoms. You like flirting with pregnancy? it will flirt back.
  13. Buy condoms. This is what leads to them not putting on a rubber.
  14. Call their college friends. It is okay to check on your boys after a long time.
  15. Laugh more. Damn, men are too serious.
  16. Wear a smile. Just a hint of a smile is enough. Don’t giggle.
  17. Watch their thoughts. You can be thinking bad things unknowingly!
  18. Watch their mouths. You sometimes speak a lot of nonsense!
  19. Wash their carpets. These are bachelors…I am thinking of taking mine to a car wash.
  20. Pay their loans. M-shwari and Tala guys keep breathing down their necks!
  21. Ask for help. They are too macho.
  22. Drink less beer. Men overdrink.
  23. Befriend vendors and hustlers. Every man just wants rich friends.
  24. Check their emails spam. Some legit emails go into spam accidentally.
  25. Sleep more. You guys are sleepless. Try 7 hours of good sleep.
  26. Tip the waiter at your regular. Or tip your friends on opportunities.
  27. Eat more. I don’t see enough muscles in the streets of Nairobi.
  28. Cut their nails. Don’t do manicure though, nail cutters are enough.
  29. Study social arts. You better understand your relationships son.
  30. Sharpen their skills. Be the best in your field.
  31. Save their money. They think you can’t tell about tomorrow. Yes, you can.
  32. Recognize opportunities with no paycheck. Men can be clueless, we only follow the money. I go for the money too!
  33. Love themselves more. This is all in one. Just look out for yourself more than you do. Men are always taking care of the society and people around them that they forget themselves. That list is pretty long, you can start with the easy ones, like drinking more water…kunywa maji kwanza.

If you do these things, I am sure your life can improve by 33 percent. I don’t guarantee that, but I think it can.



By Slade Jeff

I am a zen, I love this life plus a lot of wine..I will keep your days filled with interesting content. I am also pro-brands, I tell stories about them at a fair price, let me put in a good word for you. Contact me through japhethsylvester1@gmail.com for business.

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