Valentines for Singles

I know it’s tough being single on Valentines when people are all over each other with love messages and gifts. However, for single people valentines is like every day, Nairobian singles have more fun than even people dating. The new single is not some loner with zero sex appeal. The current single is some stylish, well-articulated and good looking guy with too many options to focus on one person. It’s that confusion that leaves you single at the end of the day. When I hang out with perennial single people I notice that they are not what you expect to be single. When they tell you they are not dating, you might even think they are not straight. They look too good to be single. However, they are just choosy and egoistic good people who can make awesome partners.

Anyway, if you are single this Valentines like you chose to be, I want you to try some of this advice or just tips for enjoying the day even with no lover by your side;

Buy dinner for a friend

A good friend, of course, it has to be a friend of the opposite sex. You can’t just do that with a friend of the same sex, it will raise my eyebrows. It is good to just chill and kick it back with your equally single friends, and ask them why they are single? You will be surprised that they enjoy being single. If any of your friend is available for a date on 14th February they are surely single, and many people are darn single…in my crew of friends, only two guys are seriously dating, the rest are so the singles!

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It is therefore very easy to get a Valentines date considering that many people are single. Just a warning that should you go out with someone on Valentines, you will be communicating that you like that person, and you can make them your wife or even husband…that’s what you will be sub communicating. But in this case, they are just friends!

Use the 13th

13th or 15th February is the solution to all your Valentines’ issues. If you fear the d-day, then just use the eve or post-valentines to cure all your problems. It is like sending someone a Christmas gift on 26th, when they are still riding on the wave. I suggest you spend the 13th with your crush and avoid the 14th. Or just use the 15th. I read this information on another blog. I have to say that, I hear the 13th works better than the 14th.

I am suggesting the 13th because most singles have crushes and not baes. Valentines are for seriously dating guys. People who are still flirting and crushing on each other can just use the other dates around Valentines. It is a piece of advice I came across and you can use it.

Switch off your phone

What can you do now? Just kill that phone for the whole day and concentrate on your other projects. Life is not about love all the time. A lot of people get carried away by the Valentines emotions and end up doing some inexplicable things. I can predict that the most meaningless breakups are happening now and most pregnancies are going to occur in the next 10 days. All because of a lover’s holiday. You don’t think valentines is a big deal? I dare you to watch Tanzanian tv channels. They insist so much on valentines. It is a mega holiday in the Swahili nation. It is a society that believes so much in true love. The Swahili culture has always fascinated me with its emphasis on love issues. My friends with Swahili girlfriends are swimming in romance every day.

Get a gal or a man in one week

It is very easy getting a date, all you gotta do is ask. Most people are single because they want to. They just chose to stay like that..if you want something you can get it. We have no shortage of men nor women in this world. I don’t understand why someone would choose to be alone. Just open your eyes and notice the women hovering around you and ask them out. If you are a gal, just check your timeline and you will realize there are some potentials right there. Even in one day, you can get a date. I know people who met and had sex in less than an hour just after meeting…why won’t you pull a date in 10 minutes after meeting?

Check your past relationships

You might want to do none of the above but at least take some time and reflect on your previous affairs and honestly analyze what went wrong, what messed them up? What’s making you single…maybe you just love being non-attached. Your attachment style is not close. Remember being single doesn’t mean being alone, you just like doing methings all the time. Some people date themselves. They love themselves too much not even love another person. Another possibility could be that you like casual relationships. Some cool single people prefer many partners at the same time and take none of them seriously.

All in all just remember that you won’t be single forever, at least many people won’t be. At some point, you will have to get hitched. Maybe it is not yet time. For now, have fun even when single. Being single doesn’t mean no dates or no valentines.


By Slade Jeff

I am a zen, I love this life plus a lot of wine..I will keep your days filled with interesting content. I am also pro-brands, I tell stories about them at a fair price, let me put in a good word for you. Contact me through for business.

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