The Manosphere is Tired of Boring Sex Tapes

There are a lot of sex tapes leaking of late, and none of them is good. There ain’t nothing new in these tapes that we haven’t seen.

We are just sick and tired of bushy sex tapes popping up all over the internet every time, damn. They are boring like most porn movies. It is not even advisable as a man to glue onto screen watching porn at any time. It is not good for your erection. Too much porn softens your strokes over the years and besides it is a waste of time, you should be building the nation. Consider this good advice from uncle slade.

Back to sex tapes, they are all the same old clips with nothing new in them, just two people having sex and wanting the whole world to see, and for what? Why would you want to be a Kim k in Kenya? since Kim k and Ray J sex tape leaked, many people have created sex tapes and leaked it online. Just don’t do it. Don’t even create one and think it will be safe with you, you can always lose your phone or computer…and guess what will happen, you will be worried about your nudes leaking at any time. And nudes have a funny way of leaking, they leak when they are not supposed to.

There is no creativity in these sex tapes, none at all. Just some low-quality homemade video shot with a cheap camera. And the same sex positions we always expect. Every time we hear a sex tape leaked, people can predict what it is going to be like. I don’t see variety in what guys who create sex tapes do.

Sex tapes are like the new nudes, five years ago exchanging nudes on Whatsapp was the raunchy thing but guys advanced to sex tapes. Before the nudes, guys were just sexting and thought it was fine. Look at what all that dirt has led to, a very raunchy online community with daily leaks of sex tapes.

One thing that is clear from these sex tapes is that the people who make them are mostly beginners with no much experience. Or social climbers who just want our attention. Stop showing us your small junk and weak strokes. If you want to get into the porn industry, just find the right channel, leaking us your sex tape for free is not the way.
We are living at a time when privacy is lost, and sex and nudes do not even move us as such. Showing us your ‘prowess’ between the sheets will not make us start looking for you. We look at these sex tape and just laugh how silly you are showing us your private parts, nobody will hire you even for a local film production after leaking your tape.

Discretion is key

Pre-wedding photos

Intimacy is between two or three people and happens behind closed doors, or in a Subaru with close doors. Wherever you are having sex, it is usually a secluded spot away from prying eyes. That is what makes it great, it is a secret that should not get out at any time. Anytime your sexual activities go out to the public either by word of mouth or video clips, you should be ashamed of yourself, you have just broken one of the biggest rules of this game…no telling!
Leaking your sex tape is not different from telling, you are snitching on yourself. Be careful the things you tell FBI…Facebook and Instagram. And self snitching is quite common in this internet generation, when you bare out all your things for the world to see, you only have yourself to blame when these things come back to you.

How to do it Right

I don’t mean sex by that heading. I am not going to teach you how to shag, but hey if you feel like you are good at putting it down, there are many ways you can use it to your advantage; you can write and educate people about it, we have few sexologists in the country, don’t make sex tapes and leak them, the reception you got from a sex tape is different from what you will get as a relationship or intimacy instructor. You will get more respect as a relationship instructor.



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