7 causes of erectile dysfunction in young men and how to treat it

ED, as it is commonly known in the medical community, is an old man’s thing and shouldn’t be experienced by young men. However, we have had young men, most of my friends have had a problem with getting it up at some point, but it just got better with time. When we look back at these moments when you can’t rise to the occasion, we can advise on the proper diagnosis. This is street advice and not the kind you will get from a doctor, but it works. This is real field advice based on reference points and not just a mere hypothesis.

Old men get ED because of diseases like obesity and lack of sex drive which diminishes as you get old, however, for young men, you will get ED because of different reasons;

Performance anxiety

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As a young guy in your 20s, you don’t have much sexual experience and you are worried whether you will perform, anxiety is not good for your boners. It is like you fear the woman and you start overthinking about the whole encounter; whether you will get hard or not. Just stop thinking about getting it up and concentrate on the gal, look at her legs, admire her hair and focus on turning her on. When you shift that focus from you to her, you will just find yourself hard. A woman’s gasp alone is enough to get a straight man hard.

Too much porn and explicit content

I have said it before, watching a lot of naked people having sex is not good for your hard-ons. It will soften your erections. Just stay off porn and explicit things for a minute. You can watch or read them to learn but don’t overdo it. This includes sex tapes that leaks all over the internet, stay off those things to remain hard. It sounds like parental advice but yeah, it works.

A lot of beer and Liquor

Reduce your alcohol intake. I know men say some brands like Guinness is good for your hard-on. I have never drunk Guinness and then tried to smash so I can’t ascertain that myth. Some people like their partners when they are high, I mean that’s when they get crazy. I have heard guys say they need a buzz to get freaky. Sure, a little alcohol can spice things up but just don’t overdo it. In fact, I will advise you to avoid sex when drunk, you should be sober and know what you are doing. Drunk sex has caused more problems than drunk driving.

Too much alcohol consumption renders men useless. Have you heard Nyeri women complaining that their husbands drink too much and can’t perform? Yeah, just the same way they say men who don’t drink are womanizers. Not drinking means they are very active sexually.

You don’t like the woman that much

This might also be the reason you are not getting hard. Some ladies are 50 and they still get their men hard, whereas some couples are 27 and can’t turn on each other. Maybe they don’t like each other that much. Get a chic that turns you on. However, this is rare considering how much men like sex, any female has a fair chance of turning a man on unless she has a very turning off personality. Abusive women particularly don’t turn men on even if they are hot. Or over aggressive and dominant women. Most men won’t get hard from being dominated. Straight men can’t get hard by being dominated…they just can’t. Men like feminine, compliant women. You can still be a strong woman and still feminine…Jlo type.

Overworking out

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This is one you won’t think of but try going to the gym 5 days a week and see what it will do to your member. It just clears off all the sexual tension that was built up in you. It also has something to do with fatigue. Overworking out leaves your muscles tired and you won’t easily get hard when you are on a fitness challenge. However, the hardest erections you will ever experience comes when you cut off the excess workout and just resort to light exercises. The gym is good…too much of it, not really for your boners. And stay off steroids.

Poor Diet

Do you like fries and pizzas and sodas? These make you gain weight. Anything that gives you a gut is not good for your hard-on. Try reducing your calorie intake and you will see the magic in your pants. Eat bananas, apples, and oranges. If you want to seriously consider diet, you can eat pumpkin seeds, even the leaves are eaten. Chew sugarcanes and pineapples instead of sodas. Consume natural sugar instead of processed sugar and you will see a big bulge in your pants.

You are stressed out

Stress is a real erection killer. It just switches you off like cold water. Try being happy and not getting worked up over every little thing. Go out more, engage in fun activities and the stress will disappear. And get girls who don’t stress you too. These women can be a big source of stress too, remember my earlier point on getting a good gal, it applies here too…select stress-free chics.

You remained hard for too long

When you are with a gal and you have been caressing for 2 hours and nothing has happened, she is giving you a lot of last-minute resistance, trust me you won’t do much when it comes to shagging. You will be tired, your penis veins and muscles are fatigued.

To more rock-hard erections and earth-shaking orgasms!

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