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Everything is being worked out from home; drinking, office work, relationships, etc. the world out there has slowed since the corona outbreak. However, like any other disaster, this too shall just pass and we will one day look back and say “damn, that was one hell of a scary moment but it’s all gone”. Nothing lasts forever. But for now, life has to continue, we got to make it work out. You want to come out of this quarantine with shredded abs or fifty pounds less? Follow some simple tips for a quick 30 minute home training. I am no instructor but well, I got this. Let me share with you my routines…



Just go on plank position and hold it for as long as you can. Planks are good for strengthening your abs. If you have a soft underbelly, planks will help you create a strong core. The goal is not to get washboard abs but to create a firm belly that can withstand a headstand or a Mayweather punch. You start with 5 minutes of planks and then do some easy pushups. You are still warming up at this point. You can sway from left to right on your plank, just for modification or just fun. It hurts nicely. If you want a bigger challenge, you can do side planks with your left and right hand…drop one knee if it gets too tough on your side planks, but you are also hard right? There’s no go hard or go home on this one…you just go hard.


The most famous workout. I know a girl who can do 50 press-ups. Yeah, she has very strong arms. And she is not that big so anybody can pull at least 20 push-ups. It is the ultimate workout. I can do 50 without breaking a sweat and I am not the strongest guy around. This workout is good for your chest and arms. You don’t need much to do a pushup. Just some arms and space on your floor. Don’t stop when you break a sweat, stop when you drop your last sweat. You can do both wide and close push-ups for maximum results. If you are jacked, you can try one hand push ups, it is the ultimate fitness challenge.


Our Beginner's Total Body 30-Day Challenge offers a variety of total body workouts to get your entire body moving to blaze fat away.

In the gym, you squat with weights on your shoulders, but now you will use your body weight. You don’t need weights at home, and we are trying to keep it as simple as possible. Just go down on your squat and come up a few inches, then pause and again come up a few inches until you are fully standing. Or you can squat and reach your hands forward like you want to carry a box, then just go up and down 30 times. That’s enough. Another simple one is to squat and jump as you reach your hands up in the sky. If you are living on the upper floor you will be making a little noise for those on lower floors but who cares. A squat is good for your bums, if you are a chic you will come out of quarantine with a nice pair of cakes like a soccer ball. It also works your legs and thighs…we want to burn some calories since there is no evening walk since the lockdown or curfew depending on your country.

Thigh opening

Split it up! Yoga poses, hanumanasana, split pose, yoga inspiration, yoga motivation

I am talking about a half split or a full split. It is ladies who like this exercise, and it’s because their bodies are more flexible than men. Most ladies can easily pull a full split. The best a man can do is a half split. Men don’t have to do a full split either, there is nothing you are opening. But ladies might look good on a full split…you know what I mean. How do I explain a thigh opening procedure, mmhhh, they are hard to put in writing so just check out this video.

Back exercises

Below are 6 yoga poses you can practice to build your body up to Bakasana (the sixth pose of this article) and play around with shoulder engagement and transferring your weight forward.

Just lie on your back and rest your legs on your feet, like how you do it when reading texts from your crush on your bed. And then lift yourself from your waist up and down. When you have had enough of this, you can put your hands next to your ears and pull yourself up to a wheel pose. Stay on your wheel for as long as you can, and if you want, you can further modify your wheel pose by lifting one leg if you are flexible enough. I usually stop at wheel, I can go the extra mile but I am just lazy at times. For men, having sex does not count as a back exercise, however, it also helps in burning calories.

Pushing boxes on your floor or plowing your kitchen garden can also be a back exercise. It is time you pick a hoe and work on that flower bed. Generally carrying heavy objects in the house from the floor up is a good exercise, it counts in a small way. Home workouts don’t have to be complicated.


If you are privileged to have a swimming pool on your rooftop or within your apartment, just get into it and swim like you are about to compete with Michael Phelps. You can get a swimmer’s body after trying it out for the next quarantine months. There is no exercise more fun than this. It is a great sport too, I love swimmers, and we are all swimmers straight from day one, you know what I am getting at right? So let’s go back to our nature.


There’s a lot to do at home during the lockdown. You might easily gain a few pounds if you don’t watch your routine. But with these simple exercises, you can come out lockdown with tight abs that look good on a tank top or a t-shirt…so don’t be lazy. Get on the floor and start a few pushups. Put on some real workout music, think of Jay-Z’s hard-knock life or Dmx type of music, roughriders have some of the best workout jams. You need motivation when working out and some hardcore rap songs are good at that.

To us!

By Slade Jeff

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