Introverts rule the world

They are like kings. They don’t speak much, and you will rarely see them at parties. It’s their scarcity that makes introverts valuable. Since the COVID-19 breakout, we have all been coerced into introversion. And it’s very cheap being an introvert in this world.

All an introvert needs are Wi-fi and a laptop, and two friends that he will chat with on WhatsApp since they don’t bother going out much to make new friends. An introvert has more online friends than real physical friends. They can date a girl online. Introverts mostly don’t do dates. Their dates are house dates. Extroverts might go for three dates before asking a girl her second name; they are still looking for the thrill. Even though I lean more towards extroversion, I rarely ask second names but I get asked about it a lot, way more than is necessary, what about it though? Tell me about that.

On the contrary to what many might think, introverts tend to have a lot to talk about way more than extroverts, they choose just not to spit it out, they choose other forms of expressions to speak. It can be through non-verbal or art. The best artists are introverted. Leave alone the ones who make a lot of noise, the ones constantly on tabloids aren’t about shit most of the time. The ones working in silence let their work make the most noise for them.

Introverts are usually behind the scenes, controlling things low-key. Just pushing buttons and making moves quietly while extroverts are the PR guys, making all the noise and acting up. Most extroverts benefit from perception, they create a ‘good’ image. However, if you want substance, don’t sleep on introverts.

And you can be both introverted and extroverted, don’t limit yourself just yet. And don’t use these personality types to justify your behavior. You can’t say you didn’t show up on your friend’s birthday because you are introverted. You are just flakey.

Employed by an introvert?

You are most likely working for an introvert. Most bosses are nerdy. Entrepreneurs are introverted nerds. I am yet to come across an extroverted nerd. It takes some personality to lock yourself up in a tiny room and come up with ideas that will create multinationals. You need a lot of personal space for that. And introverts are very good at that. Don’t dismiss nerds just yet. I like female nerds, the ones with glasses and engineering degrees.

You might need your extroverted friends for parties and weekend form but come Monday, I am sure you need the nerdy ones to help you with solid business plans. I am always calling my nerdy friends whenever I need ideas. The extroverts help with girl issues. And most introverts have some money, they don’t spend much either. Going out a lot means spending on unnecessary things, impulse buyers are extroverts. They like pea-cocking. Introverts don’t need much attention and will avoid flashy things that attract attention and put them in the spotlight.

I am talking about real introverts here, the ones who are just born like that. There are fake introverts. They give introverts a bad rap. They act all quiet yet they are dying to scream their lungs out. When you give them a little whiskey, they make the most noise. All along they were just pretending to be introverted. Real introverts will be quiet even when high. However, introverted doesn’t mean boring and self-isolated like a dangerous convict. There are some hyperactive introverts. It is just that their energy doesn’t last long like that of extroverts.

The problem with extroverts is that they can’t concentrate for long. They tend to be all over. They don’t have the kind of focus introversion gives someone. And extrovert cannot go for long without talking whereas an introvert is like a monk, once he buries his head in something, it can take hours before he loses his attention. Think of a surgeon carrying out a brain operation, he can’t be extroverted. A good surgeon is probably introverted. Before I allow a doctor to operate me, I would inquire if he is introverted or extroverted. An extroverted doctor might leave an operation halfway to got take a break and socialize first. Or they might rush through the operation. I doubt if those medicine students have a social life. All of them are nerdy introverts I bet. They are cool nerds.

Kick-ass introverts

I am talking about the types who throw us house parties. Being introverted or nerdy doesn’t mean you are boring or even lonely. There are annoying extroverts too; making silly noise in the name of extroversion is not attractive at all. The moment you realize you are introverted, you can start doing some cool things that don’t need you to be in the social scene all the time. People like Henry Ford or the social media founders are introverted but during their free time, they would create those cool apps like WhatsApp and twitter that we use today. Extroverts are louder on these apps that were created by introverts, they set you up extroverts…don’t think you own the social media just yet, remember who put you there? An MIT or Harvard introverts who were playing with computers during their free time.

Introverted or extroverted, you are neither one. You are just inclined towards one side more than the other. And the more introverted you are, the better. The more extroverted you are, the crazier!

By Slade Jeff

I am a zen, I love this life plus a lot of wine..I will keep your days filled with interesting content. I am also pro-brands, I tell stories about them at a fair price, let me put in a good word for you. Contact me through for business.

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