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Don’t we young men get tired of people telling us to get a good woman? We do actually. If there’s something that a young man is warned about more than the corona or any deadly disease in this world, it is a bad woman. We are told over and over to just get a good woman and avoid the crazy ones. And that’s a huge problem like Mount Everest. Why? Because good is relative. However, like with everything, there’s a threshold. Some standards.

And one of the most important things for a man to know in his or her life is to recognize a good woman when he comes across one. It’s up there with the ability to recognize an opportunity. It’s mother’s day over here and we all believe our mothers are great women. Of course, they are. Most men I know have good mothers. I would tell my friends about my parents and they would tell me I have kick-ass parents. All my homies like my mum. And I like theirs equally.

However, I am not going to use my mum as an example of a good woman. She is all I know. Maybe there is something I am missing. I can be biased because she is my mum anyway. So I collected data from many people on what makes a good woman. These are the basics of a good woman. You don’t want too much either.

A good woman went to school or has some knowledge

Education can be through self-learning or just school acquired. However, a good woman has some knowledge or just natural intelligence. You need a woman that can help you think.  Man the last thing you want is to be struggling with a big decision or just a small problem and your lady is just staring at you equally clueless. It is dangerous. She can give you bad advice, and you might just use it. Women influence their men a lot, and you need the right influence.

And the main reason for having a sharp woman is not even for decision making support, it is just for good conversations. You need a lady who can make witty remarks and hold fun, engaging talks. Actually, what you really want is a socially intelligent woman and not just a book smart lady. A woman who is socially dominant is way better than a high IQ chic with poor people skills.

You won’t be bored in the relationship if she can talk a good game.

A good woman has agency

She is the type who can stand on her own and make decisions by herself. She is able to decide what’s right for her at a particular time. She is not emotionally weak and easily led astray by the mainstream society and feminists. This is one of the most crucial elements you can find in a woman because most of these young women cannot do things on their own. They need their besties all the time. They call them twins.

A good woman will thus tend to have few friends and not so much into a big social circle. Less people less problems brother. This shows that she can stand on her own and doesn’t need the group effect to influence her decisions. However, she still has a few solid friends that she can kick it with. She can’t be alone if she is that good.

Image of Woke in Neon

A good woman has money or can make some

She has some skills that she can trade for money. Even if she doesn’t have a skill, she is creative in ways she can make money. She can farm simple things like maize, sell tea and mandazis to offices and get some money from that. She doesn’t have to be a doctor or a software engineer. As long as she can bring some bread home, that will be good. Even if she is a housewife, she can protect and multiply the money you have made her. She will secure the bag and triple it. Should you die early, God forbid, she can protect the wealth you left behind…try and leave something behind also when you pass away, sigh!

A good woman is humane

Does she like people? Or she gossips too much and backbites? Women like gossiping I agree but you don’t need a perennial gossiper in your life. It is okay if she talks about what her friends are doing once in a while but her main source of content can’t be other people. She should be talking about how she can impact society. When I started blogging I vowed not to talk about people in a bad light because I figured out there is so much I can write about; health, environment, animals, cars, sports etc. and you also need a woman with some love in her heart otherwise she won’t be able to love you. She can’t just be mean spirited.

Another important factor here is that she should be respectful. If she has a problem with you she can’t cause a scene in public, she just pulls you aside and explains her side. Respectful doesn’t mean timid. You don’t need a scared woman who screams when she sees a lizard in the house. She doesn’t have to be scared of you to the point that she starts to confide in other people outside the relationship. As a man, you need respect in the relationship…and be worthy of respect too.

On the outside

Those are the inside attributes of a great woman. When it comes to physical appearance, to each its own. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. You can like those with a lot of flesh or slender ones. Light or dark, tall or short, pretty or chubby. I can’t dictate to men what turns them on, I am just one man with a unique taste. I don’t know what other men like. However, if you can look at her every day and not be bored for 30 years, then you can live with her.

Oh my, I have always wanted a good girl!

By Slade Jeff

I am a zen, I love this life plus a lot of wine..I will keep your days filled with interesting content. I am also pro-brands, I tell stories about them at a fair price, let me put in a good word for you. Contact me through japhethsylvester1@gmail.com for business.

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