The ‘stop laughing’ threat

Don’t stop laughing if it’s funny.

It is one of those threats that I don’t heed of. Someone makes a joke or says something stupid and gets mad when people laugh.

Do you stop driving when you see a stop sign on the road? Not always I bet.

It can also be the opposite, a friend is made fun of and he gets mad when you laugh. He doesn’t know you are laughing in good faith and not laughing at him actually.

I am a guy who likes laughing, way more than is necessary. I laugh at the silliest things. Why do you think I called my blog a comedy blog, even though people have told me that it is not really a humor spot. I can be hilarious even over the most serious of things. Because life is not that serious as we take it. I once played the role of a serious manager on a tv series, and they kept cutting my takes because I would deliver a good performance and then laugh at the end of it not knowing that the camera is still rolling. The director would be so mad.

And what are you laughing about? It is also a sister to stop laughing, I am more guilty of the former because I laugh at everything when I am out; Kenyans have bizarre habits that will keep you smiling all day. If you are the type of person who is keen on his environment, there is so much to smile about. And why would someone want you to stop laughing, laughter is the best medicine? You want genuinely happy people around you. There are those who laugh sarcastically but there are those who laugh from the heart. The first group is of bitter people who laugh at others’ miseries while the second group is of good-hearted people.

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I want you to smile from the heart and laugh in good moments. Don’t laugh at people, laugh with people. I once heard of a lady who went to a doctor and she was asked when the last time she had a good laugh was? She couldn’t answer that and the doctor told her she might want to laugh more. Lack of laughter was affecting her health. All along she thought she is sick.

You are too serious

You might be more serious than you realize. And that is okay, some people are naturally brooding, and that might come across as seriousness. A James bond character like Daniel Craig is quite serious, he doesn’t laugh in his movies, compare him with Sean Connery who has a sense of humor. Connery also doesn’t laugh much but he is a jovial man. Who among those men do ladies like? It’s Connery definitely. Even his pictures have a hint of a smile.

Someone telling you to laugh might seem like he asking for too much but is not. Is life that difficult brother? Don’t worry, be happy.

People are serious even when doing the most fun things like sex, I was talking

to my friends and I asked them if they have fun while having fun with their girlfriends. And none of them told me they have ever laughed while smashing. It was disturbing. I told them they could smile and even laugh next time when banging. People like happy sex.

Riddle me this, which teacher do you remember from your school days? I bet it is the one who made you laugh during lessons. Those whose classes were fun, unlike the serious ones whose tempers would erupt on the slightest provocation. And it is the same with everything, you want to hang out with those friends who make you laugh as opposed to the gloomy ones.

The best jokes are natural

You should be looking for opportunities to laugh, you can do this by reading works by hilarious authors or watching movies with funny actors. It is hard forcing laughter, as much as I am telling people to cut off the serious vibe. If something is not funny, it is not. Comedians don’t actually lead happier lives even though they make the best jokes. The funniest things just happen naturally, you can’t plan a funny situation. It just shows up.

And when something funny happens, laugh hard if you want to, don’t hold it back. A witty author doesn’t intend to be funny, he is not trolling, and the ideas just come. I have had people WhatsApp me to make them laugh, now I can’t do that, it doesn’t happen on command like that. But I tell them that if they read the blog, they will come across some hilarious things here and there. My intentions have never been to make people laugh but just to have fun with my stories. And if you are laughing in the process, that’s good.

Someone who doesn’t want you to laugh is just being annoying, as long as you are not laughing at them, you laugh your ass off.

To happy times!!

By Slade Jeff

I am a zen, I love this life plus a lot of wine..I will keep your days filled with interesting content. I am also pro-brands, I tell stories about them at a fair price, let me put in a good word for you. Contact me through for business.

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