God still loves Kevo and Brayo

A good name is better than gold. And it’s a very awful time to be called Kevin or Brian. Those names are considered manwhore labels. I don’t know how those boys allowed themselves to be labeled such bad things. Be careful what you put your name on or allow people to call you. Humans are nasty; they will tarnish your good name with bad labels. But I am sure not all love is lost for these boys, let’s see.

Growing up Kevo and Brayo were just normal boys names. They were the most famous boy child names in the late 80s and early 90s. It was the Jayden of the yore days. That simply meant that in the next 20 years, most young black males you will run into if you are female will be called Kevin or Brian. And it simply meant that your first or even 10th heartbreak was likely to come from a Kevo or Brayo. That is not nuclear science, it is a simple probability.

Kevin and Brian are simply the majority of the men in the dating field, and the majority dominates in most cases. It is like Nancy and Maureen, if I was to ask my male buddies to name some girls they have had steamy sessions with, I am sure those two girl names will come up. It doesn’t mean they are hoochies, they are just famous names, common figures. In the same way, most evidence against Kevo and Brayo are just circumstantial and not incriminating.

What do girls think of when they come across a Kevin or Brian? Simply a boy from Eastlands who went to Kenyatta University or UoN and studied Bcom or economics. And while there he slept with many girls, stoned a lot, drunk lots of cheap beer and had retakes. Then he miraculously graduated and got employed in some field he didn’t even study due to unemployment issues. He probably has a baby mama that he knocked up while in college…it is not a true story but boys with those names are thought of along those lines. They have been painted and framed like that.

This too shall just pass, all these trolling of Kevo and Brayo will be over in a few years, for now, it’s the norm. They just have to get used to it. I do no doubt that there are some legit boys called these names. It is just that the famous majority gives them a bad name. There was a time Stella was a very bad girl. Nowadays, Stellas are good. Things done changed.

What Kevos and Brayos need is rebranding, an image overhaul that will change their bad image into a good one. You see the way corporates do it? They change logos, office locations, and even the company motto. As a human you can’t do it like that, you shave those dreadlocks, remove the earrings, stop dressing like a pimp etc. You remain fashionable but a bit classy. And when someone asks you your name, you don’t say Kevo or Brayo, you say your second name whether it’s Omuami, Asuma, Ombuna, Ombese, Ouko, Nyasani etc.

Above all, Kevos and Brayos should start accepting the pregnancy and stop the ghosting. This is what has put them in the spotlight. Forget the player vibe, we can overlook the cheatings and lies but it is hard to ignore the deadbeat aura that they come with. It is like a miracle when you see a responsible dad called Brian. Maybe I am being biased but I am yet to hear of a dad called Brian. Actually, I have remembered my friend is called Brayo and he has a baby mama, trust me you don’t want further details. He is bad news.

It is very much okay to be called Brian or Kevin, it’s just people that are making it look bad…ni watu tu. And you know what, God still loves you if your name has been portrayed in bad light before. You shall overcome all these trolls by social media people. Don’t stress yourself over these petty things.

Whatever happens to Kevo and Brayo, don’t change your name like a rapper, you don’t need all those pseudonyms just to hide your identity. A rapper can have five names until one day you learn his real name and you ask yourself how it even leads to all these others. Those are rappers for you, but this is Kevo and Brayo.

Till next time!



By Slade Jeff

I am a zen, I love this life plus a lot of wine..I will keep your days filled with interesting content. I am also pro-brands, I tell stories about them at a fair price, let me put in a good word for you. Contact me through japhethsylvester1@gmail.com for business.

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