Riding solo (when to do things alone)

There’s a saying that if you want to get something done right, you just do it yourself. This is because people can disappoint you at times. Waiting for people can be costly at times, and time waits for no man so you shouldn’t too. If you want to party and your friends are talking too long to come through, just go ahead and start dancing and talking to other guys, they will catch up with you later when they arrive. Just ride solo.

“I am still waiting for my friends” is something I don’t like saying. They can take centuries to arrive. In the meantime, keep yourself busy. It is not bad being a lone wolf at times…you came to this rock alone, and you don’t have much time here waiting for slow people.

It is good to be patient but there are times when you can’t just wait to get started, your engines are just ready or you are on high momentum…these are the instances you want to do it alone;

When your crew is lazy and unmotivated

I was a big fan of G-unit way back when they were popping; yeah there wasn’t young money back then. Drake and Nicki were not yet in the scene…it was 50 cent and young buck music doing lots of rounds. And then at one point, they broke up and 50 said he felt like his crew lacked motivation and were just uninspiring. They always wanted him to be the man at all times.

We are all lazy, to be honest, but we just have to warm up and get things going but if your friends have lethargy, they can really be downers. You will absorb their energy with time. So whatever it is you need to be done, just go ahead and get it on, they will join later.

You are better off on your own rather than by having an uninspiring crew with you. They should be concerned about winning just like you are.

When your partner is weak

Well, weak people are dangerous, and you are better off on your own rather than with a weakling. Not everyone has the spine for hustling, and if you are to get into a business with a weak person, then you will be putting yourself in a lot of trouble. You don’t need a weak link. They say we all have flaws and it is good to choose partners who complement you i.e cover-up for your flaws.

Consider the flaws of your partners, if they seem BIG, you might want to just want to do it on your own. If your partner is slow in doing things, kick him or her to the curb and ride solo.

When you can handle it solo

You don’t need groups all the time, sometimes you feel like you can handle it. Well, there are those days you feel energetic and you can just fight your battles on your own. I am here telling you to try it out on your own once in a while. You will surprise yourself. You might end up saying “what did I need them for anyway”.  You don’t need people for everything…something like living alone is very possible if you approach it the right way.

When people visit bachelors they usually ask them why they are staying alone? Well, bachelors like their space and have things they want to do without destruction. I can’t imagine writing when someone is around me watching television or doing whatever, I will end up writing some shitty articles. If you ever find a bad article on any website just know that the writer wasn’t concentrating at that time.

When you want to be left alone

You need your space at times; you just want to get lost in your own world as you do your things. Let’s say you are working on your paintings, at such times you are in your creative world and ideas need to flow without destruction. You just want to lock yourself in your cubicle and do your thing.

Most of these creatives are introverted anyway and their heads are always buried in their laptops or paintings. It is not only on bad days that you want to be alone. Sometimes you just want to meditate or take a step back from the world and be on your own. 

Alone doesn’t mean lonely they say.

When you want to do it fast

They say that if you want to do it fast, do it alone but if you want to cover far and wide, you do it with a group. We are here for the former. If you are in a hurry and you need things done fast, just do it alone. You will be surprised how much quicker you can get it done.

When you are in a group, you feel like you have the support and thus don’t have to pull up your socks, but when you are left alone, you are all you got and you have to show up for yourself.

A musician can do an album in one week if he is just doing it alone without collaborations. If he or she needs collaborations, he will have to look for the artists to collaborate with and go through multiple processes…there are good albums that were done in a week.  Some collaboration is good though.

When you are better off on your own

Not everybody works best in a group. There are people who do better on their own. I am in the middle. If you produce more quality on your own, then you are better suited for solo projects as opposed to group work.

I would benefit a lot from group discussions when I was in school, however, at times you discover a lot by yourself. If you struggle and figure out something on your own, you will be like a butterfly out of a cocoon, you will be stronger at the end.

You go deeper and to a greater length when you are researching things on your own. Isaac Newton was not with his boys when he discovered gravity. He was just sitting under a tree observing his environment when a fruit fell on his head, and he asked himself “why didn’t it go up instead? There must be a force at play here”. Anyway, I am just playing, that is not what happened…

As we conclude, if you ever feel like doing it alone, feel free!

Nice Weekend!

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