You can lose weight by eating less junk

There’s no magic pill or a quick fix to losing weight. And as much as you are told by lifestyle gurus to shy off pizzas and burgers and go vegan, it’s just impractical if you grew up on Galitos, MacDonald’s, or Starbucks. However, we all know that consumption of so much junk with empty calories only leads to a bigger appetite for these junks as your body seeks more healthy calories. And I telling you to completely wipe off pizzas and burgers from your plate don’t seem to be the soundest advice when it comes to weight loss.

You can still lose weight by eating these foods but in smaller portions. You can still take beer when you are on a workout plan and remain lean. A complete diet change is not just applicable for many people but you can surely cut down on these junks. Let’s say you take a soda with your burger, that’s too much of processed sugar combined with the calories from the burger.

You can instead start by eating your burger with water, milkshake or fresh juice instead of soda. You will have dropped one unhealthy portion of your meal.

Pizzas are not that bad when it comes to losing weight, there are vegetarian pizzas. And if you are like most people, you will take your pizza with a soda. It is still possible to go out for an occasional pizza when trying to shed off some layers of fat.

If you buy a large pizza, share it with your friends and just take a piece of it instead of eating half. And if you usually take your pizza with a 500ml soda, just opt for a smaller size of soda. There are sugar-free Coca-Cola cans nowadays.

In your weight loss journey, just remember that diet is the most important thing. No matter how much you do planks and sit-ups, they won’t give you abs if you eat a lot of junks. You can still eat the things you have been eating but on smaller portions, trying to switch into a keto or vegan diet might fail because you are not used to them. If you have never been interested in those diet plans, they can easily backfire, just consume your normal KFC chickens, frozen pizzas and soda but on less quantity. And then gradually get them out of your plate. You will feel hungry at the beginning but your stomach will eventually shrink and get used to it.

Apart from the diet change, you will have to work out and sweat a little if you want to shed off some fat, contrary to what most people think, weight loss has more to do with water loss and less of fat loss. That’s why you drip sweat at the gym.

A diet like a Keto diet consists of fat, around 70 percent of the keto diet is fats and it still helps with weight loss because your body will burn down fats and use it as the main source of energy. All along I thought the keto diet is full of carrots and spinach.

I have written about weight loss before and most people usually concentrate on cutting down their belly fat instead of their entire body loss. Well, you might just want to reduce your entire body weight first before narrowing down on your belly.

I am no nutrition expert but I have some insights on diet…we all know that burgers and fries lead to unhealthy weight gain but people have to be reminded that you can still eat them on lower portions until you finally let them go one day. I haven’t had a burger in months and I am just okay. I didn’t die because of not eating burgers.

I can even say that I write better articles when I am eating less junk. Those things are not good for your brain let alone the body.

To a healthy weekend!

By Slade Jeff

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