5 Pick-up Lines for Men in Dating

The art of picking up women has always been interesting to men, straight men. If you like the ladies, I am sure you have some rehearsed lines you tell them to try getting their numbers or take them home. The scariest part for men is usually the first approach because they don’t know what to say. According to many dating coaches I followed, most men are wired to be scared of approach just the same way women are scared of their first-time intimacy with a man. Now, you will find men who are never scared of approach and women who are open with their sexuality and not afraid of getting intimate with men. But they are few. To approach properly, it is good to have some genuine pick-up lines to get a lady’s attention before you hook her in for a deeper conversation. These are some of the most common pick-up lines in the dating community.

Before I get into pick-up lines, I want you to brush your teeth, whiten them, and wear nice fitting skinny jeans and some tight tops. And above all put on some good boots or sneakers, walk straight and confidently, have a stylish haircut. All these will make anything you say sound so sexy…and then speak slowly but with authority as you deliver these pick-up lines.

I hope you have noticed the girl (in a café, at work, in a concert, in the neighborhood or the mall; wherever you get women from).

Hi, I have seen you walking around, my name is XXXX

You will then just smile or extend your hand for a handshake; but there is coronavirus so don’t make handshakes yet, you can’t know if she has been sanitizing. Women might not be as tidy as you think, anyway you get the gist. If she says hi back, and gives you her name you can go ahead and strike a small conversation with her. Ask her if she is shopping around or whatever she is doing. You can get her number and plan for a meeting later if she is busy right now. You get the whole idea right?

Soft toned lifestyle outdoor image of blissful black woman walking in spring  city with cup of cappuccino or hot tea. hipster outfit. oversize white sweater, black hat, stylish accessories.

As for me, this is still the best pick-up line. You just walk to her, smile, and introduce yourself. The others are also superb but I like being simple and not making a big deal out of a simple situation like approaching a girl. It should be effortless, it should be easy. Don’t make things sound so serious.

If you are a high energy guy, you can go in with a “HEEY, nice dress and your walk is so sexy…you are walking so nice where are you headed to…blabla my name is Jeff, Eric, David” etc. This level of energy will rub off on her straight from the get-go. As long as you have taken care of yourself and you look good as I have told you in the first paragraph, she will receive you warmly. You don’t want to look like a guy who wants to mug her.

Nice shoe lady…if you look that good I should be walking with you a lot.

It is a silly pick up line but it has worked for many men including me. I like looking at women’s shoes and appreciating their red hot heels or boots or whatever they are wearing. Let me tell you that women invest a lot of money in their shoes and it will be good if you check them out and compliment her on them. Let me say that the shoes have to be good for you to compliment her on them. You want the pick-up line to be genuine, not cheesy. A corny pick-up line will get you labeled creepy or fake.

So, how much?

You are treating her like a hooker here and you want to be careful with this. Then you will add an important part of this line “how much more time before we get to know each other”. Hey, I got this line from a local radio station dating coach I was listening to many years ago and it has been good in getting the ladies excited. I would tell you to use this line when you are already comfortable with a woman and you are just playing with her. Picking up and vibing women don’t stop when you become lovers…it continues like a tv series. You will still be gaming her even in marriage.

So, are you single?

Well, I got that from a dating site and tried using it on girls and it worked tremendously. I got a little of “yes, I am single” from many girls. It will surprise you how many girls admit they are single when you ask this question. It is usually said that many girls don’t admit they are single but you will be surprised how many do.

If she says she is single and not searching and yet she is still talking to you, it means you can be lovers. No woman is single and not searching. And it’s usually a good sign when she agrees with you that she is single. She won’t tell you she is single if she doesn’t see some potential in you.

Of course, you won’t walk up to a lady and ask her if she is single right away. That’s weird. Just say hi, smile, chat a little, and ask if she is single.

So, sometimes when you are not in a hurry like right now we can grab some tea or coffee.

This is for girls you meet when they are walking so fast to a meeting, class, or work. And of course, the ladies will always say “sure, I am so much in a hurry right now”. And you will agree that “yeah, I can see that, put your number here we will talk when you get some time”. It is not always good disturbing people who are busy heading somewhere. Their mind is fixed on whatever they are up to that they can’t even think straight at times.

Okay, they are usually not even in a hurry, you can just be saying this to get a number and walk away because the longer you keep talking there, the higher the chances you will say something silly and mess up the whole introduction. It is usually a very good exit line. When you meet her walking to work and you want to let her go just say this. It’s a good way to end things.

Cool then, we can head for a quick coffee if you have some time

Picking up numbers is not fun, and should you meet a lady out there and she doesn’t seem to be in a rush, you can just suggest a date on the spot before you part ways or even spend the rest of the day together.  In fact, I prefer this to all the above…you should be aiming to meet women not pick-up. But anyway, try those.

If you get approach anxiety just relax, take a deep breath, and say hello. Force yourself to say hello. I am sure the ladies want to meet you if you are a good person. They will be happy you said hi. Don’t tell them you read those things you said to her in a comedy blog. She will think you are just being dramatic and playing with her.

Nice dating!

By Slade Jeff

I am a zen, I love this life plus a lot of wine..I will keep your days filled with interesting content. I am also pro-brands, I tell stories about them at a fair price, let me put in a good word for you. Contact me through japhethsylvester1@gmail.com for business.

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