Body Art (Tattoos)

I have always liked body art; tattoos, face painting, and piercings if the latter also count. They can tell something about you. However, none is penetrative like a tattoo, especially if it’s permanent.  Drilling ink on your skin is quite a bold thing and shows some commitment to a thing. I am yet to put tats on my arms or underbelly but I have long been considering getting one; all I need is an inspiration. Something I can look at for 40 years and not feel like removing. My neighbor is a tattoo artist and he tells me he has drawn all kinds of things on people’s skin from barbed wire to wolves. His hands are all full of ink, no space to wear bracelets. 

I have gone on to dig deeper into tattoos and what they mean. And these are some of the things I discovered about tats;

They are Considered Sexy

When they are on a sensitive part of the body like chest, shoulders, legs, or upper arm they look so attractive. Nothing beats the sight of a dark tattoo on light skin or blue tattoo on dark skin. I get so excited when I see females with tattoos. It is also aggressive; I think that’s what makes them sexy. I am sure your favorite rapper or movie star has one.

They Signify Loyalty

What are you loyal to; family, football, tribe, money, etc., you can just put it on a tattoo. When I talk of a tribe, you will notice tribal tattoos are the most famous. I don’t mean local tribes; you just can’t put a Luhya or Luo tattoo on your skin. Tribal tattoos originated from ancient tribes that used tattoos as a rite of passage etc. Tribes like Borneo, Aztec cultures, Maori people, etc. Some tattoos are also a form of identification towards a certain cause.

They say people with tattoos can commit because it is an investment both monetarily and emotionally. When you decide to write down your partner’s name on your arm, he or she becomes a deep part of you since you can’t just remove it easily. But sure, you can remove the tattoos but it will be a painful process. 

I don’t think it is wise putting your lovers’ name on your arm, love ends. You can put your kid or parents’ names because that’s just forever. Your parent or kid is something everlasting.

The tattoo can even be of your dog or first name. It can be anything you like. There are many ways people signify loyalty to something, and tattoos are the most lethal ones.

So, what are you loyal to? Money, football teams, or just fun…you can drill it on your skin if you mean it. I remember the YOLO tattoo being famous back then.


Is there something you are against? Social injustice, the system, etc. people put it on a tattoo. The black lives matter tattoo is a good one to have at such times. I think I should have it, man I am a dark man and I know there are a lot of stereotypes associated with the color black. And I can’t bleach, my hair will still be dark, again there is nothing wrong with my color so I won’t even think of changing it. All I can do is put a black lives matter tattoo. But that is not necessary since I am in Africa, we are black here. And let me tell you even in Africa some brainwashed people think light skin is better, ask dark-skinned ladies and they will tell you men prefer their light-skinned friends. And that’s another thing with tattoos or face painting; they look good on light skin. A dark man will bleach his skin so that his tattoos can be visible. If I have to change my skin for something it is not worth it. That is too personal.

If you are a dark lady and you have to bleach for men or if you are a dark man and you have to bleach for tattoos, you are misguided. There are tattoos for dark skin, I have seen lots of dark guys with tattoos…even though tattoos don’t favor black men as such, you might need a chocolate skin or brown for them to be visible. As for ladies, I have seen men who like dark women. I know dark chics with lots of suitors and very nice looking tattoos.

Body art is good as long as it doesn’t violate you in any way. Don’t change your skin for tattoos; Congolese men do this a lot. Don’t paint some weird things on your face unless you are just playing around.


By Slade Jeff

I am a zen, I love this life plus a lot of wine..I will keep your days filled with interesting content. I am also pro-brands, I tell stories about them at a fair price, let me put in a good word for you. Contact me through for business.

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