Most Underrated Things (In My 20s)

Well, I have covered some of the most overrated things in my 20s in the past. Now, let’s check out some of the most underrated things you might be sleeping on. You might think you don’t need these things but for your life to be easier if there is a thing like that, you require these; they come in handy from time to time, so here we go;

Basic Survival skills

Can you fix your sink, or unblock the bathroom drainage system? You don’t have to part with sh 500 every time your plumber comes around to make these small repairs. All you need to do is watch what they are doing next time they come to make repairs and take notes or just ask them how to go about it. This is what makes you a man, the ability to fix small house appliances when they stop working. If you drive, the first thing to learn is how to change a car tyre. One day you can sleep by the roadside. Okay, you won’t but it is just a good survival skill to have under your belt. It is like riding a bicycle, imagine a man who can’t ride a bike…well even ladies cycle, they can ride very well…bicycles I mean. I can carry a lot of weight in a bicycle. I do that a lot when in the village.

Communication Skills

Writing skills and verbal communication comes in handy. That’s why people who can write even speeches are paid a lot of money to do it. You don’t have to be like Stephen king unless you want to do professional writing, but you should have the basic skills. There are very few good communicators and that’s why some legitimately good people get passed over for average people because they can’t talk. It is why companies hire brand managers and advertisers to help them communicate with the public and bring them customers. If companies do it you can also do it at a personal level. There is nothing like you are a great guy, yes you might be but if you don’t show it in how you speak and present yourself, no one will know.

Good Clothes

It is very important to have some clothes for important occasions. Clothes make a man or a woman. Many men can be laid back when it comes to fashion, they think it is only for ladies. People look at you differently when you dress nice.

Positive human emotions. portrait of beautiful and charming female student with afro hairstyle, having shy look, laughing, wearing stylish round eyeglasses, touching her neck with hand
fashion is not only for ladies!

I also don’t put so much effort into my fashion but this is because I don’t like bringing a lot of attention to myself. I think some small opportunities have passed me because I wasn’t properly dressed for the moment. When it comes to fashion you might think “to hell with anybody who doesn’t love me for my clothes” but first impression matters. People size you up based on how you are dressed all the time.


I try savings but sometimes I end up spending more. If there is one thing corona has taught us is to be better financial managers. Just like the other skills I mentioned, people depend heavily on the banking systems to help them with their money but you can also learn how to manage your money on your own. The financial institutions are great with savings plans if you lack one, and they have sure helped a lot of people spare some money. They say you should invest instead of saving, but you save first then invest.


Many people look down on loans and avoid them like a plague. Guys fear loans because paying them is just hectic. I only take mobile loans that I can easily pay just like that. I am not a finance specialist but it is not always good to live in debts. However, even governments loan or receive financial support so who are we not to loan. It is okay for you to loan if the loan is going into a good investment and will repay itself.

The worst loans are those that guys take, spend carelessly and now you have to repay a loan that you didn’t use. You want to know the pain of paying a loan you didn’t use, just take a small mobile app loan of 1k and use it on a whiskey, damn you will feel so bad paying it back. It is so painful. You know some guys are denied a 500k loan because they didn’t repay a 1k loan. They could repay the loan but it was just too tough repaying it.

On the other hand, some people have taken loans and used them well, and they enjoyed the rewards. If a Sacco loaned you and you bought land, you will look back 10 years later and be glad you took the loan. I know someone who bought land at 60k in Isinya with a loan a long time ago…today the land is worth 1 million. That’s someone who saw far and benefited from a loan.

Blue-collar Jobs

We call them Jua Kali jobs but they pay just like corporate jobs here in the city. Most Nairobi jobs pay 40k at most. 80 percent of Kenyan jobs pay that. If you are in the blue-collar sector you can equally earn that. The guys selling second-hand clothes and eggs and sausages by the roadside make that, even more in a month. It is the small profits that add up to that. You can make a profit of 2k in a day doing blue-collar jobs so they will eventually just pay like a corporate gig.

When I talk to guys in the blue-collar sector, they are just doing super fine.

Good People

Well, good people are underrated. The bad boys and bad girls win all the time in this life. You might feel like good people are boring but at the end of the day, they tend to be better than the bad boys and girls of this world. I am into good guys all the time. I don’t like rooting for bad guys, maybe when I am watching movies. And that’s television, it is meant to entertain. In real life, you would rather be the cool, good guy as opposed to some roughneck tough guy. People take good people for granted until they have a bad situation with a bad guy. If you have some good boys or good girls in your life, keep them. Outlaws are for television.

Don’t overlook these things, they can get you paid or save you a lot of money. They are greatly underrated.

Nice week ahead!

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