Good Looks can be a Problem in Dating

Too much of something good can be a problem. Good looks are like overconfidence, they can disappoint you when it comes to dating. If you are a good looking guy, you will have to be very warm to people. You have a lot of attainability to show for you to look genuine. One of my favorite relationship experts says good looks are equated to bad behavior at times.

However, what is good looking depends from person to person; there are those things that make a man or a woman considered good looking but even if you bring the sexiest woman of the year from the people’s magazine here and tell men to rate her, you will get different views. Some men will feel like she is just okay but not all that.

Looks in women is a boost, she will have a million men following her on social media etc. however, in men looks are a double-edged sword, men with extremely good looks can still fumble in dating as their normal looking brothers clean up with the ladies. This is because most ladies first of all don’t trust these good looking guys, they look like players and have a lot of reputation management to handle before women let them in their lives.

If you are more good looking than 90 percent of men out there, she won’t trust your intentions, she will start wondering if you are even for real. She might even think you are playing with her…good looking men who look like they are straight out of a romance novel might just be picture perfect and will have to show that yes, they are just normal people who also struggle with a lot of things in their lives. You have a lot to take care of if you are a hot guy in her eyes.

The problem with looks is that most guys don’t even know that they are incredibly good looking because African men are not raised to be aware of their looks, and they don’t realize in most cases that a lady considers them too much of out of their league and they have to show some relatability. This is a funny phenomenon. The way you feel tense and unsure when you approach a hot girl is the same way a beautiful woman will feel when she gets approached by an incredibly handsome man. She will get butterflies and anxiety all over her. This gives you a lot of work to deal with as a man. You have to be good at making the woman comfortable and excited. You can’t challenge her too much lest she starts being spiteful of you. 

Do you know something Kenyan ladies think about handsome men? They think cute boys brag a lot and they can just use that to play hard to get. It is funny but most ladies think so. I have asked ladies before if they can hit on a guy or send him signals but they said “no, he will brag”. Okay, women are just too careful with their reputation and they will throw anybody that threatens their reputation under the bus real quick.  Let me tell you that most cute boys are natural with it and they don’t even think of how they look. They are genuine men who love ladies.

The men who mistreat women are ugly men who don’t get enough chances. Pretty boys have been shown a lot of love by women from a young age and they just give it back.

Another reason good looking guys struggle in dating is that they don’t put so much effort into it. They see women giving them signals all the time and they assume attraction, which is good but they don’t work on getting to know women beyond the signals and everything ladies throw at them all the time. They think they have the women when they don’t really have them.

Whereas beautiful women with good looks struggle in dating because men don’t approach them as much, good looking men struggle because ladies throw themselves at them a lot and they assume they got this when they don’t. It is one thing for women to give you signals but it is another thing to convert those signals into something meaningful like a good relationship. 

And most women tend to like them too much and thus give them a harder time during seduction. She will test you harder if she likes you more. And good looking guys will always give up, after all, they will get other girls. This is an ‘abundance mindset’ that cost good looking men a lot of good girls.

Women don’t choose good looking men as much as you think, and good looks usually have a little importance to a man when it comes to dating. Ladies are not visual like men. They chose attractive men not good looking ones. What is considered attractive in a man is not looks only. It can be confidence, eye contact, a strong mind etc…and if you are keen, many average looking short guys date very tall, slender, intelligent, and incredibly beautiful women. The women don’t tend to date handsome men necessarily.

The last misconception about good looking men is that they are gay. Being gay has nothing to do with looks, but being a beautiful man makes you look a little gay. Most of them who are good with women hook up randomly and thus not stable for something serious.

This is all a bunch of fallacies, good looking men are rather just good people with hearts of gold.

Nice time!

By Slade Jeff

I am a zen, I love this life plus a lot of wine..I will keep your days filled with interesting content. I am also pro-brands, I tell stories about them at a fair price, let me put in a good word for you. Contact me through for business.

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